Eating Well When You Live Alone

There are plenty of advantages to living alone. It can be wonderful having your own space to do your own thing. You can decorate however you want to, you are free to come and go as you choose and it can be one of the best ways to boost your confidence and become more independent. Living alone is something that we should all do, at least for a little bit. 

But, it can also lead to bad habits, especially when it comes to cooking. You might find yourself wondering if there’s any point in cooking for yourself. It can seem easier to eat fast food, ready meals and takeout all of the time. Who wants to spend ages cooking and then washing up, when you are eating alone?


Well, taking the time to cook can be good for your health. When we cook, we’re more likely to eat healthy meals and enjoy food. So, here are some tips to help you to eat well, even when you are on your own. 


Get into Good Habits


There’s nothing wrong with cooking for one. In fact, it can be really enjoyable, as you don’t have to concern yourself with anyone else’s tastes or opinions, and there’s no one to tell you to be tidier or quieter. So, get into the right habits. Force yourself to cook something new one night a week, take the leftovers to work for your lunch to avoid waste, and shop for fresh ingredients. 


Try Meal Kits


Meal kits are a great way to try new recipes, learn new skills, save money, reduce waste and save time. Investing in meal kits for one can be a fantastic way to get back into cooking, and to treat yourself to come gorgeous food without worrying about waste. 


Experiment with Your Tastes


Cooking for yourself is a great chance to try completely new things. Experiment with different flavors, try new ingredients, spend time learning new methods of cooking and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone, both with cooking and eating. When you cook for yourself, you are free to try whatever you want. The internet is an excellent source of recipes, and Pinterest can give you an easy place to save your ideas. 


Invite People Over


If you don’t like cooking for yourself, or you don’t see the point, why not think of it as a practice? Invite friends and family over for dinner regularly, and use all those solo evenings as a chance to practice your menu or to learn new dishes. 


Make Friends with Your Freezer


It can be hard to cook for one. Most recipes are for four, or at least two, and ingredients are often sold with couples or families in mind. You might worry about waste. One way to avoid this is by cooking a meal for two, and taking the leftovers to work for your lunch the next day. The other is cooking the full meal, portioning it up and freezing the leftovers for a quick and easy meal on another occasion. 


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