National Siblings Day April 10

 Did you know that today is National Siblings Day?

It is.

I do not mention her here, or on my social media channels much, but I do have a younger sister.  I don’t mention because she and her family have made the decision to live their lives OFFline (I know! How??) But, I figure if she made that choice, I should respect it as well. Right?


My sister Jennifer is about 4 years younger than me, and like all younger siblings, pretty much a thorn in my side from birth.  However, it is only a sibling that gets all of the inside jokes…the jokes  no one else really seems to find funny.  When we get together, we always manage to torment my dad on the way he says certain words.

Oxygen is OXSH A GUN.

Potassium is POE TASCH UM.

Dormitory is DOM a Toree.

Those are just a few.  It gets increasingly worse, and we can use all the funny words in sentences.  It goes on for everrr, and drives everyone crazy, especially when we get the giggles and our sentences become impossible to understand.  Poor Dad. He just sits there and takes it.  What a champ.

While all families are different, those of us who have siblings have a special relationship that those without siblings will never understand.  And while Jenn may not be able to physically tolerate me for more than 26 straight hours, I still love her.  It’s a family thing, right?

Of course it is.

Have a great day celebrating your own sibling!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored in part by TOP Agency and National Today.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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