Improving the Look of Your SKin

Keeping a simple, but zen like routine on an evening before bedtime is vital if you want to stay relaxed and get a restful night’s sleep and if you also want your skin to look good. You have probably all heard of the term, beauty sleep and that is because sleeping really assists your skin’s healing. Couple that with a fantastic skincare routine and you are well on the way to looking better. How to get rid of bags? Good skincare. Water. Sleep. But we know that’s not always easy to attain. If you suffer with insomnia or anxiety, then sleeping may be a difficult challenge but you are not alone as a huge portion of our society is struggling with at least one of these. It can be beaten, it takes time, patience and a little assistance. For you and your skin and trust me, it will thank you. 


Adopting the Danish concept of Hygge, basically in a nutshell, means simplicity and calm to create balance and harmony in your life, and this can be easily achieved during the evenings also. It can easily be broken down into sections, so you can create the perfect balanced evening without compromising too much on your Instagram-stalking sessions and catching up on your Netflix. Balance is everything. Moderation is key. Find out what you love, adopt it into your lifestyle, and be in the moment. This is something we can find tricky to do; especially if we suffer with anxiety. Stepping out of this way of thinking can be difficult. Some of these seem self explanatory, but at its core, it is balance

  1. Start your evening routine with a herbal tea and cosy clothes

If you don’t like herbal tea, opt for another night-time drink but herbal teas, with camomile and lavender are proven to warm you inside and give you a little bit of zen. Pour it into your favourite cup. If you don’t have a favourite cup, find one. What you drink it out of is so important. Be in your favourite cosy outfit. Something that’s right for the time of year; perhaps a soft dressing gown.


  1. Take a bath – and get your skin care routine done at the same time.

Run a hot bath and drop in some of of your favourite bath oils to your running water. Add candles and also download an app that has free sound effects; this can be really nice to add a spa effect and find something delicate to listen to. We all have our preferences, something that makes you feel relaxed, play around with new sounds and you will find one that makes you feel an inner calm. Do something in the bath that makes you feel happy. Netflix, YouTube, perhaps a book, or even pick up your phone. Cutting out all technology and things you love will not always help relax you. You may have a strange anxiety separation from that alone. Just make sure you save some time to be in the moment. 


  1. Use some lovely skin products

Your skincare routine can be done after your bath before bed and this way you will have nothing to get in between bath and bed. You can really treat your skin after a long day at work or even just as a pick me up or part of a self-care routine. Use a nice face mask, and some really good skincare products to match your skin type. Whether it’s oily or whether it’s dry, you can find the right things that are either really light and creamy or thicker and oilier. Whatever your skin thrives on will be of huge benefit to you in the long run.


  1. Climb into bed and get cosy

Spritz your pillow with some sleeping pillow mist, but ensure that it is paraben free as this could irritate your skin. Maybe keep it simple with lavender or something very organic and natural so you’re not going to get anything bad on your skin. which smells divine and luxurious. Don’t force yourself to turn off too quickly. The body takes time to relax, but you should already be feeling at least a little calmer. Take a few deep breaths and get comfy in bed. If you like to read in bed, then take this time to have a little read. It’s OK to have the TV on if this is something that comforts you. Get into a comfortable position in bed, this is key. We all have our go-to positions but sometimes they may not be the best positions. Sleeping on your back is better for your posture and physical state. Sleeping on your side is quite good for your skin but you may find that the side you sleep on the most is the side you have the most problems with such as redness and spots. Sleeping on your back is ideal for your skin but not always possible. Wash your bedding often to avoid a buildup of bacteria which could be harmful to the skin. Another added element would be, invest in a nice quilt, something you really like and a design that will make you happy. If your bed isn’t as comfortable as it could be, then consider getting a memory foam mattress topper for added comfort. 


If you don’t sleep, don’t panic. Often it is the worry of not sleeping that stops us from drifting off. Instead, just keep your mind focused on something happy, something you’re looking forward to or want to do. Open the window for a little fresh air, sometimes this can aid you to fall off to sleep. Your skin loves hydration and sleep so be sure you’re getting enough of it. Your skin will tell you when it’s not happy so try not to panic and try to be happy in your skin and treat it well as we only have one skin. Try some of these tricks and tips and start seeing healthier, more glowy skin! 


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