Being a Tourist In Your Own Town

When you love to travel, it can be easy to assume that you need to visit faraway places in order to have adventures. In fact, you can have just as much fun exploring your own backyard. Whether you’re a solo traveler or love adventuring with your family, here’s why should be a tourist in your own town sometimes. 

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You’ll Get New Eyes

Whether you want to explore more of your own city or travel in your country more, you will end up taking roads and visiting areas you’ve been to before. Getting lost in streets that you’ve never been to and seeing new and wonderful things you never knew were there can help you to see your city in a new light. 


When exploring more of your own city, you’ll visit neighborhoods you don’t know and can take pictures like a tourist. You can take in the beauty of your own town and see it in a new way. 


Many of us don’t explore our own towns because we’re absorbed in and distracted by our daily routine. We don’t pay attention to the sights and attraction options on our doorsteps. 

You’ll Learn About Your Town’s History and Heritage

You will have passed old buildings or interesting statues in your town when you’re driving or taking the bus hundreds of times. But do you know the history of the ones you see all the time? Probably not!


By being a tourist, you can take the time to learn about the history and heritage of your town, and learn some hidden secrets. This could be anything, like reading a book about how your town was founded, or visiting local museums, exhibits, and tours, like you would if you were visiting somewhere new. 


By taking the time to explore the history of your own city, you will be able to get a better understanding of its heritage and be able to take this knowledge with you when you travel abroad and share it with the people that you meet on your travels. 


You might be surprised by what you learn about a place that you think you know well. 


Meet New People

Behave like a tourist and strike up a conversation with a strange while you’re exploring your own town. This might sound strange, to just talk to someone you don’t know, but you might be surprised by what interesting conversations you mighty have. 


A great place to do this is a coffee shop, as people often tend to be more relaxed. Chat to your barista, or try to start conversations with people sat around you. You can meet all kinds of interesting people, including other locals and tourists alike. 


These conversations can be as short or long as you like. What’s important is to meet new and interesting people in your own town, and share your tips about your home. You might get a good recommendation for a great restaurant you didn’t know about, or be able to suggest a great bar to a visitor. 

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