Cupcakes, all grown up

Yesterday we were invited to a party to watch football and eat turkey.  A group of 20 Hokie fans, ready for great food and a great ballgame. Little did we know we’d be watching the Georgia Tech team eat turkey as well.  It were UGLY, folks. Let’s move on from that. I decided to contribute […]


Let me clarify…Not Rafting.  Crafting.  But I thought 2 c’s looked like one c too many. So, crafting.  I’ve been trying to add things to my Etsy Shop, other than Custom Cookies.  I added French Macarons, which, yes, are still cookies…and I am very eager for someone to order a batch.  I priced them cheap […]

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

I know, I promised you a recipe for homemade syrup today. It’s still today, officially.  Don’t beat me up too bad. It’s been a realllly long today. Really long.  But I need to be true to my promise.  I have great readers, and they need great chocolate syrup. I had never made my own syrup […]

it only looks expensive

Two and a half days into the Eat on $30 Challenge and we are doing just fine. Perhaps it’s the fact that we haven’t been eating from the Mastering the Art of French Cooking Book.  Perhaps it’s because I have been beyond sick.  Perhaps it’s because we really don’t spend that much money on food […]

Eat on $30

Many of you will remember that my family and I survived on only $100 plus our freezer and pantry items back in July.  $100 for the entire month, including all of our meals out.  It wasn’t easy, and it really opened my eyes to the way we had been overspending at the grocery store and […]