Maternity Clothing

So, I am finally cleaning out my closets. Lucky for you, here’s a stash of nearly $600 worth of maternity clothes. The pictures are icky but the clothes are great!! I’m listing everything seen in the pictures, but if I find anything else while cleaning I’ll throw it in as a doorprize!

Motherhood – black, slinky material, sleeveless with tie back trimmed in white with cute bow. Worn once. Size large.

Motherhood- orange, sleeveless, tie back top. Easily my favorite. Super cute back has small cut out and buttons. Great color. If it didn’t make me feel pregnant, I’d still wear it! Size large.

Motherhood- red and white geometric patterned top. Sleeveless, tie back. Loved this shirt!! I won’t admit wearing it 2 years after giving birth. Size large.

Old Navy- white cotton, sleeveless tie back top. Size large, a staple in the summer wardrobe.

Old Navy- white tee shirt material jacket/coverup. Large. Perfect for a cooler summer evening or over a swimsuit, if you can bear whaling it at the pool. Live it up, girl…you get to eat and no one says a word about it!

Motherhood – red flowery dress, size large. Worn once I think. Really cute with tie backs. Paid a ton for it!

Motherhood- creamy white dress with dark gray tie back and geometric cicle print. Bree wore this dress on Desperate Housewives! Size large, worn for oh, 3 hours.

Motherhood- blue and white flowy dress. Soft and cool and perfect for summer! Worn less than 2 hours- I put it on to wear to the hospital to have my c-section. Gonna miss that dress hanging in my closet.

Black maternity capris. Medium. Worn a lot but still in good shape. Maybe better than good.

White maternity pants. Medium. Take them off my hands so that I don’t sneak back into them.

3 pair of great looking maternity jeans, sized medium and large. Hardly worn as I was pregnant in the hot hot summer. Look new.

Jean capris, maternity medium. Lurve. Absolutely lived these capris!

Daisy Fuentes pink patterned top in XL. Not a maternity top but fits like one. Really cute and looks great with the white capris.

Liz Lange Maternity size large black long sleeved top. Not sure if I ever wore it.

Liz Lange Maternity teal sweater wrap, size large. Never worn.

IMG_9096 IMG_9098 IMG_9099 IMG_9100 IMG_9101 IMG_9102

Sorry for the lackluster photos, but I was finally cleaning out the closets and if I didn’t get this stuff listed I may change my mind about selling. Even though I don’t expect to find myself pregnant. Ever.
Yep, I’m one of those people.
But trust me, this is just about all you’ll need to get thru a summer pregnancy, save for a few tees you can get on the cheap. Great dressed for baby showers or weddings you find yourself at, everyday clothes and special clothes too for date nights with that man who got you in this predicament in the first place.
Congrats, and ask me any questions you want!

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