Merry Christmas to YOU

I thought I would start December off with a little idea for you.

You work hard on your blogging, don’t you? You stay up late. You get up early. You bake things and take pictures of it and rarely get to eat it hot. You scour the internet looking for the perfect recipe just so that you can post about it yourself. And you do a great job of it! You do! (My readers, all 4 of you, rock.)

So why keep that pesky blogger domain name? Why not be Or, you know, whatever you wanna be dot com? Did you know it is super easy (obviously, I did it) and not even expensive? And, you will be able to have your own email address instead of gmail, or hotmail, or whatever? But it still works with your current email address? It does! For example, you can email ME at either doughmesstic at gmail dot com, or, susan at doughmesstic dot com – and they go right into the same email box. Super easy. And how do I update my blog even though I have a fancy domain name? Same as I always did. The domain is just set up to point to my blog. Easy Peasy.

So, I say to you…Get yourself a domain name for Christmas. Right now at GoDaddy (click the link below!) you can get your very own name for only $7.49. Why wouldn’t you?? You spent more than that on a freaking bag of pecans last week for that two-fer pie which lasted like, 2 and a half minutes. This lasts WAY longer. $7.49 .com Sale 120x90

And won’t you feel cool handing out stylish business cards from VistaPrint with your new web address?(which you can get many of for FREE or even cooler ones for 30% the regular price if you click through below.) I use them to attach to gifts I make, or on cake boxes when I deliver one, and keep a few in my bag for when I run into someone interested in what I do. I LOVE VistaPrint. I have been getting my Holiday Cards there for a couple of years. You can’t beat the quality or the price…and better yet, by clicking through here, you’ll not only get FREE SHIPPING when spending $50 (think Christmas Cards AND business cards…oooh, how about a tee shirt, too?) but you’ll also get 50% off the Christmas Cards! They’ll end up costing you, oh, about 50 cents each. Come ON! Wait until you see how great looking they are. Your friends and family will think you spent a ton.
Let them believe it, too.

FREE Shipping $50+ and 30% Off All Products

Go on. Get that Domain. Then get your cards. You deserve it. You can have ALL of it, A Domain, Holiday Cards, T shirt, and business cards for $57.49. You saved that in Gas the last two weeks! (I paid $1.42 a gallon last night. I nearly died.) So do it!

And hey, thanks. Of course I will make a buck or two if you click through and buy. Think of it as a gift to The Boy. Isn’t he sweet??

Happy December everyone!!

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