Oh Sweet Baby…Cookies

Word of mouth is a good thing.
Little did I know that by making two large fruit & veggie trays for my sister last week that I would be getting a phone call a couple of days later…wanting more fruit & veggie trays from someone who saw mine. And, since it was for a Baby Shower, the lady asked if I could do anything else.
Like sugar cookies.
You may recall that I have a bit of experience with sugar cookies – like last football season, Halloween, and of course, Christmas. Three experiences. That in no way whatsoever qualifies me to be a paid cookie artisan. But, being a helpful Southern Gal, I said “Of course I can do sugar cookies…what did you have in mind?”
Yellow, Pink, White. Daisies. The name Riley. Go with it.
So I did. I had been seeing some of the cutest little onesie shaped cookies over at Sweet & Saucy, so I wanted to do those. But alas, I had no onesie cookie cutter and no time to order one. What to do, what to do? (Mom, Dad, pay attention here…this is another thing my 4 years of college paid for beside the Art Degree) – I turned a wedding cake cookie cutter upside down, then used a circle cookie cutter to make a neck and the leg holes. I think it was pretty successful! I also made baby bibs by using my pumpkin cookie cutter and cutting out a neck with (oh, blaspheme) – part of a cross. Again, pretty successful. Luckily, I already had a daisy looking cutter and a little baby foot, so those were my 4 designs.
By the end of the day, my hand and arm were cramped. Six variations of icing is a pain in the butt. But you know, I really enjoy the decorating part. If only I had a lackey here to mix up all the icing I wanted and wash all the bowls, I would do it all the time. (I imagine in a couple of years, once Seven is in school, I’ AM going to be making these all. the. time. Baseball games, football games, golf…but NOT basketball. Mama can’t handle all the squeak squeak sqeaaaaking sneakers. And not soccer, either, because I don’t know the rules of that game for one, and even more importantly, I have no desire whatsoever to pipe out all the crazy black & white soccer ball geometrics. Uh-Uh. I draw the line there.)
So anyway, I bagged each cookie up individually and tied them up with a yellow ribbon. My client was very pleased. Maybe word of mouth will get me another gig or two, you think? Let’s hope…I have bills to pay!

Anyone need custom decorated cookies? Get me while I am still cheap – I call it my Learning Phase – it may only last a week. 🙂 – Nah – for my readers, I would do anything. Hit me up, I love a challenge!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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