the saga continues…52 books in 52 weeks

I’m falling behind, ya’ll. No two ways about it. It’s not a dire situation yet. I guess if it comes right down to it, I should be able to count “5 Little Monkeys” and “I See a Monster” in my repertoire of books, right? Let’s just hope I don’t have to resort to such treachery. I think I am somewhere about 24 books right now, so almost halfway there. Luckily there is still half a year left, but more importantly, a lot more summer. That should help.

I’m doing my best to keep up. Lately I have read a couple of books I picked up at an auction & a yardsale – actually very lucky finds. One was “Drowning Ruth”, by Christina Schwarz. I really enjoyed that one. I think Oprah claimed it for her Book Club…so take that for what you will. Like I said, I really liked it.

Another was “Flying Changes” by Sara Gruen. She’s the author of “Water for Elephants”, a book I can’t say enough good things about. “Flying Changes” wasn’t quite as good as Elephants, but it kept me very intrigued. Gruen has a way of tying her endings up with a little bow, keeping everyone happy and contented…and sometimes, you really need a good dose of that. Life can suck, so you ought to read something that takes you away from all that suckage once in a while.

The last book I read was “The Lacemakers of Glenmara” by Heather Barbieri. Thanks to the folks at MotherTalk, I was sent an advanced copy to review. I’ll admit, the first 3 chapters had me concerned. I wasn’t grabbed. I wasn’t determined to read the entire book in one sitting.

But then something happened. Around page 27, I fell in.

From that point on, I was lost in an Irish village, falling on love, wishing I knew how to make lace. Wishing I had prettier underwear. Wishing I felt like putting my fat butt on a bike. (I got over that part.)

The characters were like my aunts…I knew them, each of them. I hoped for them.

“The Lacemakers of Glenmara” chronicles an American girl and her travels in Ireland after being left by her beau for a model. She stumbles into an existence she didn’t know she wanted – and a small seatown that time has all but forgotten. A coven of lacemakers take her under their wing until they realize that she may be the one to remind them how to fly. And of course, there’s a man with his own troubles that might help her come to terms with her own.

It’s a fascinating trip. I suggest you purchase your ticket.

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