happy birthday to me

You know the best part about making your own birthday cake?

Well, there are two things, actually. First, you get to make it exactly like you want it, full of all your favorite things. Second, you can eat it before your birthday if you want to, because it’s YOUR cake. No that I did that or anything. (Yes, I did. I ate a piece last night. I couldn’t tolerate the suspense.)

So, see? There are benefits to being a cake baker.bday3

For my cake, I didn’t go uber fancy with the decorations. I went pure taste factor.  Think a bottom layer of Double Devils Food Cake, a layer of milk chocolate ganache, a 3 inch thick layer of vanilla bean cheesecake (YUM), another layer of ganache, more Devils food, followed by Scharffenberger Mousse, more cake, more mousse, more cake, then frosted in whipped fudge icing. I piped a bit of whipped cream on the top, then made chocolate curls to toss on it.

Seriously folks, this cake is every bit of 9 inches tall. And tastewise? It is quite possibly the best cake I have ever made. Or anyone else has ever made. Ever. Of course, I would have to charge $70 for a cake this size with this much going on in it (it took 2 days to make), but if I were someone who wanted a to-die-for cake? This is worth every single penny.bday1

Today I am celebrating by first having lunch with my best friend Nicole, then getting my hair cut (finally!) and then taking myself to see The Lovely Bones.  After that? I switch to Anniversary Mode. Yep, I got married on my birthday. Ten years ago today, to be exact. I couldn’t have married a better man…in fact,  I don’t think one exists. (Happy Anniversary, Kit. I love you.)

So, Jon and I will be going out to eat, possibly with my folks and Seven,or possibly on our own.  That’s a really full day for someone like me. Someone who rarely leaves the house unless it’s for eggs or flour.  Wish me luck!

I’ll leave you with the sweetest chocolate covered  rendition of Happy Birthday To You I’ve ever heard…and until next time, have a great day everyone!

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