droolry box…cah-rack that whisk

I’m a sucker for whisks.

In the summer, I love going to yard sales.  While my main target is great toys and kids clothes, I always check the tables for quality kitchenware – especially whisks. Perhaps it’s their utilitarian nature. Perhaps it’s their timeless charm. Whatever it is, I devour them.  I have a container on my counter devoted to them, and it runneth over. Yet I Must. Have. More.  And these? Well, these really float my boat.

Kuhn Rikon is a fabulous company with fabulous product. I have a few of their whisks, and each one is top notch. What I love about three of the ones featured here is their silicone coating. Super easy to clean, and best of all, gentle on your non-stick pans and heat resistant. Win-Win. Plus? Look at those colors! And styles! Don’t you just want one of each? ( I do, I do!)  Sweet thing about that is that each of them are listed in Amazon’s 4-for-3 Promo.  So, pick out 4 of your faves, only pay for 3 of them! Sweeeeeet!

I couldn’t help but throw some cute baker-y things out there for you stylewise as well.  Aren’t these little goodies adorable? I’ll take one of each, please!



Thanks for the Droolry Box recommendations everyone! Have a great week!

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