Happy Valentine’s Day

Last night I convinced Jon and Seven to help me make more Valentine Cookies.  I had baked them off earlier in the day from leftover sugar cookie and gingerbread dough I had in the freezer, so all that we had to do is color up the icing and set to work.vdmain 

When I asked Seven what he wanted to make them (meaning, what color)…his idea? “I wanna make ‘em gone.”  And he did. He ate the cookies as Jon & I decorated them.

Poor Jon has very little patience with the art of royal icing.  He managed 3 1/2 cookies before calling it quits and surrendering to Seven’s “tent fortress” that’s been set up in our foyer all weekend.  So that left me to finish them.  But honestly? I love it. I find it relaxing and exciting at the same time.vd2

I hope you will take some time today to spend with the ones you love, maybe making cookies together, maybe watching a movie (Couple’s Retreat is super cute if you need a recommendation), or just playing together in a tent made of chairs and sheets.  Give love and be loved today!

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