Restaurant Guide Hilton Head Island

As many of you already know, Rust and I purchased a vacation home on Hilton Head in the fall of 2021, and have managed to spend about a month there so far.  During that time, we have tried to keep tabs on all of the restaurants and eateries we have tried, but I thought it might be a good idea to share with you as well!  While we have many more to try, this is a list of the ones we know personally.  Not all are AMAZING, but these are our honest opinions, so maybe they’ll help YOU!


breakfast stacks hilton head island

So far, Stacks is our favorite breakfast restaurant, though we truly don’t venture out often for meals before noon.  Stacks closes early – usually by 1pm, so get there early!  They offer breakfast and lunch items, but all we have tried are the breakfasts.  Love crepes?  They do a great Nutella and strawberry filled crepe!  They also offer fanciful waffles, biscuits and gravy, and all the traditional items you typically crave for a morning meal.  The atmosphere is a little lacking, in comparison to say, the Diner, but the food and service are miles above.  Our rating: 8/10

Reilley’s Grill and Bar

We adore Reilley’s!  In fact, over the course of 11 days, we ate here FOUR times.  If outdoor bar seating is your thing, they offer plenty of that, but we opt for a booth inside.  The interior is a comfortable Irish Pub feel, but the menu is top notch.  The wings are large and well done, not dry, not too messy.  They also have a salad with berries, pears, nuts, and chicken that is to DIE for!  There is a different special each day, but my favorite is Friday for Prime Rib!  Our rating: 9.5/10

Skull Creek Dockside

What a treat!  One of the coziest and charming restaurants on the water, in my opinion.  Great booths (I love a booth) as well as outdoor seating.  The menu is inspired without being fussy.  They do a wonderful low country and crab boil, and the scallops topped with a mandarin orange glaze are wonderful.  And any of the items casino style are excellent as well.  Try the shrimp and artichoke dip – it was a nice surprise.  ANd dessert? They make them all in house.  Choosing one may be the most difficult part of your experience!  Our rating: 9.5/10

WiseGuys Modern American Restaurant

If you want to get dressed up, WiseGuys is a great spot.  The prices are very reasonable, the atmosphere cozy, intimate, and secluded, and the service has always been very good for us. Don’t overlook the pasta dishes – they are excellent, as is the prime rib.  The scallops with risotto is also a very good choice, and if you like soup, the french onion is pretty amazing.  Our rating: 9/10

Frankie Bones

Located right next door to Wiseguys, but a much different feel.  Lively and yet cozy, a super comfortable restaurnat with excellent menu choices.  The prices are VERY fair, and actually seem low considering the niceness of the environment and quality of the food.  Not nearly as dressy as WiseGuys, but a fun date night with similar menu options.  The seafood trio is nicely done, if you can’t seem to decide on just one entree.  Our rating: 9/10

Hilton Head Diner

I wanted to try the Diner every time we passed it, because it just screams nostalgia.  Clean, perfectly outfitted with booths and tables that ooze the 1950’s…but that’s where the fun ended for us.  The food is low quality, and overpriced for what you get.  How a place can mess up oatmeal is beyond me, but none of our food was worth mentioning.  Glad we went, but not going back.  Our rating: 2/10


I want to love Poseidon, but it was a bit too cool for me.  Meaning, the atmosphere was chilly, the booths hard, the walls and floor hard, loud, reverberating, and just not my favorite.  The food was excellent and I do love the location in Shelter Cove, but I just prefer to be cozy at dinner.  I hate to say that, because it really is great food.  Hoping to give it another chance, but other places to check out first.  Our rating: 7/10

Nonna Marie’s Gelato


Hilton Head Social Bakery

If you love desserts, or breakfast that are practically desserts, head here to this pretty spot in the harbor at Shelter Cove.  Watch the boats bobbing as you nibble on possibly the best french macarons you will ever consume, or take some baked pastries to go.  I always wish I would venture there more, but I do like being able to button my pants, so I don’t go nearly as often as I’d like! Our rating: 8.5/10

One Hot Mamas


Hilton Head Ice Cream

Housemade ice creams, turned into banana splits and sundaes, or milkshakes…LOTS of flavors!  Be prepared to wait in a bit of a line but it’s worth it!  I wish there was more seating, but we were still able to grab a table after a little wait.  NOt as cute as it COULD be, but it’s very good quality! Our rating: 8/10

Holy Tequila


Guiseppis Pizza and Pasta

I did not have high hopes after finding the location in a strip mall, but once you are inside, or on the patio, you forget all that! The food is some of the best on the island, and one of the best pizzas I’ve had anywhere, including Italy.  I loved the salami and mushrooms on my pizza, full of flavor without overpowering the excellent crusts and sauce.  Lots of menu items, and I’m anxious to go back for more! Our rating: 9/10


Ordered delivery, which is our only experience here.  Pizza was good, the cheesesteak was also very good, but, after having Guiseppis, I will have a hard time going back here.  I was also a bit put off by the large delivery fee – over $8 – and then adding tip meant that I spent close to $20 just to get my food.  Our rating: 7/10


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