Sponsorship Opportunities

Throughout the year, several Blogging Conferences take place that I intend to attend. These events can be wonderful opportunities for your company to be represented in a more personal, appealing way than a print or other commercial advertisement. I will, from time to time, accept sponsorships for these events, in which I will represent a brand or company that I feel is a good fit with my site. With this sponsorship, I would expect a healthy working relationship that both of us would benefit from.

Why sponsor a blogger at one of these events?

Because your targeted market will be in attendance. Bloggers are the new advertisers, replacing expensive print ads and commercials in many instances. We reach a specific market, and provide high quality results with limited investment. You company or brand is received in a personal way, and the return is substantial.

As your Branded Ambassador, I can provide the following at these events:

  • At least one blog post per day, which will include your company logo/badge and link. My involvement with your company will be portrayed in a positive way throughout the post, and will encourage the reader to visit your own webpage for more information. My current readership is 4000 views per day on average.
  • Quality photographs of the event, relating directly to your company and it’s involvement. Samples of my photography are available throughout my site.
  • A minimum of 3 Twitter posts per day, which will include the hashtag of the event, as well as your company Twitter handle. I will also update my Facebook Fan Page at least once per day throughout the event, and will link to your page and/or Fan Page, making it simple for interested readers to find you. I currently reach close to 3500 on Twitter, and over 2800 on Facebook, not including my personal Facebook Page, which has around 800 friends thatreceive these updates.
  • I will happily hand out product samples/coupons/literature for your company, and collect any business cards from bloggers for you to keep as references for future events or promotions your company may have planned. It is common for companies to provide these items, as it gets your product in the hands of the people (bloggers) that have an audience and can promote it for you in a more personal fashion.
  • I will also wear company branded clothing if you request, such as a sweatshirt, polo, or jacket. Branded clothing needs to be provided in advance, if available. If provided, pictures of me wearing the items will be included on my blogposts, so that my readers can see that it is me and that I am endorsing you.
  • Finally, I will reach out personally to as many bloggers as possible while at the event, encouraging them to consider your product and portray it in a positive light. I will let them know I am working with you, and why, and will obviously be forthcoming about my working relationship with your company.
  • I will consider other requests on a case by case basis, so please do not hesitate to ask.

I would love to hear from you, so please email me at susan@doughmesstic.com, or feel free to call my personal number at 540.632.2577.


I am currently accepting a corporate sponsor for the upcoming BlogHer Food conference, being held in Atlanta this May, 2011. BlogHer Food is one of the largest and most respected Food Blogging Conference in the US, and will reach 500 food related bloggers with its attendance.

Full sponsorship for this conference will be $1400, which will include conference ticket, airfare, and hotel for the duration of the event. Other sponsorship opportunities for this conference are negotiable.

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