Neighborly… Just not floating.

“How much time he saves who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks.” Marcus Aurelius

I’d like to think I am a decent neighbor. I mean, I wave. I also once took cookies to a sick neighbor, and I’ve fed some neighbors breakfast, so that should count for something. Plus, I let Seven swing in the backyard with the little girl next door. Sometimes.

Other than that, I pay no attention to anyone’s comings or goings.

Seriously. I really just don’t care.

But things are changing around here. A new person is moving in across the street.

I’ve never met him, never laid eyes on him. But I have known him nearly all my life.

In second grade, when the book fair came to town, I took my money and bought a book on ghosts. I was fascinated by the paranormal at that age, and reading was something I did every night before bed. 7 years old. That’s how old I was when I first learned of my new neighbor.

The book on ghosts included a chapter on the Pearisburg Poltergeist.

Up until that moment, I had never known. Of course, I was seven, so poltergeists weren’t really topics of conversation, but, you know what I mean. I was excited to read that my little town was in a book – and for something so bizarre. A true, documented poltergeist. Right in my own backyard.

After reading the chapter, I was sad for the little boy. A foster child, happy in his new home, but unable to remain there because of the terror his energy caused. I certainly don’t understand what a poltergeist is, but from what I saw on the movie, it involved lots of creepy puppets and slime, so, pretty scary stuff. For years, I have wondered what happened to the boy. My dad had mentioned once the area where the boy ended up living, and to this day, I stare at the house I pretend was his as I drive past. I wonder if his books still float, or if his Christmas tree still falls down. I wonder if he even bothers putting one up at all.

I’ve copied and pasted a couple of little write ups for you below, based on the documented accounts. There are more out there, in case you feel like googling it. I won’t mention his name, though I do know it…and that’s a whole other story. Besides the paranormal, this guy has more issues than you can shake a stick at…and our local law enforcement has been shaking lots of sticks, if you get my drift.

I’ll dive in to all that later.

Until then – here’s the backstory. I’d love to hear your thoughts, your own stories, anything you think is relevant.

(And don’t blame your bad dreams on me.)

Thousands of poltergeist cases have been reported in the United States. In one well-attested case the police arrived on the 19th December 1976 at the home of Mrs. Beulah Wilson of Pearisburg, Virginia after she complained of regular poltergeist activities. Previously skeptical, the police had ignored the complaint but when they went into the house it is reported that they witnessed the destructive behavior of some invisible intruder who was smashing dishes, wooden chairs and other household items. In this particular incident the police witnessed the amazing sight of a 200 pound kitchen cabinet floating in the air without any means of support. Victor Zammit,

In the small town of Pearisburg, VA, a nine year old boy was placed into foster care with Mrs. Beulah Wilson, a widow. The two got along well, and the child was looking forward to having his first real Christmas. The disturbances began on December 19th. A neighbor ran over while everything was still happening and he was able to confirm with Mrs. Wilson that the boy was with them when things flew, fell or tipped over. It wasn’t the child acting out, not consciously at least. Mrs. Wilson said she thought the hand of the Lord was behind it, but she didn’t know why. Things erupted again on Christmas Eve and the police were called to take the boy away. Sadly, he spent Christmas Eve in a the police station and was picked up later by a social worker. “I personally have no doubt that this case was paranormal in nature,” Gaither wrote, while noting that a dozen presents for the boy remained unopened under the tree. Two days after Christmas the boy was placed in another foster home.

This story broke my heart a little. I just can’t get over the fact that this little boy thought he was going to have his first real Christmas and instead spent Christmas Eve in jail and Christmas right back wherever they put kids until another foster family took them. He never got to open those Christmas presents for him, which he must have been so excited to see. Stacy Horn, Unbelieveable

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