What To Do With Your Pets When You Are Traveling 

It’s hard enough to leave your pets alone at home every day when you go to work. It’s even harder if you have to leave for a long time. Whether you’re going on a business trip or a vacation, there are times when you have to leave your pet behind. It’s normal to worry and feel anxious. Your pets are used to seeing you, and you may not know where to leave your pet while you’re away.


But you don’t have to miss out on all the fun, whether you’re going on a long trip with your family or just going to the beach with your friends for the weekend. You can do a lot of different things, like leave your dog with a pet sitter for a month or try accommodation for cats. Here are some ideas to help you decide what to do. 


Get Your Pet Ready

As soon as you start to pack or make travel plans, your pet will know something is up. Keep doing the things you normally do with your pet and try to spend more time with them in the days before you leave. If your pet is staying at home with a sitter, friend, or family member, leave an item of clothing with your scent around. Don’t take too long to say goodbye when it’s time to go. Your pets would feel better if you walked out in a calm and confident way.


Depending on how anxious your pet gets or what their general behavior is like, you might also want to look into specific training, like the puppy training you can find at https://www.puppytrainedright.com/site/home. By training your pet – ideally starting months in advance to give them the best chance of learning – how to behave with strangers and in different surroundings, you can ensure they are as comfortable as possible when you go. 


Prepare The Necessities 

You should pack enough supplies for your pet to last the whole length of your trip, regardless of whether they will be living at home or at a boarding facility. In the event that your animal needs medicine, you should make sure that the person who will be caring for your pet has access to it as well. You should provide the pet caretaker with very specific instructions.

For instance, how much food your pet eats and how often. It can also help if your pet carer knows where to buy additional food if needed. Dog food at Walmart is high quality and easily accessible to carers while you’re gone.

It is important that you provide detailed instructions on your pet’s habits, potty schedule, and the treats and toys that they like the most. You are also required to submit information on how to contact you and the contact information for your veterinarian.


By preparing everything in advance, you can feel much more confident and at ease, knowing your pet is going to be as well cared for as if you were there to do it yourself. In this way, you can have a much happier time away without having to worry about anything at all. 


Pet-Proof Your Home 

To ensure the wellbeing of your animal companion, you should get rid of and store away anything that they could swallow by mistake or that might hurt them. Make sure that their space is as comfy as it can possibly be, and lock up any rooms that you don’t want your pets to go into. To confine your pet’s mobility to predetermined zones, installing fences or other obstacles that are specifically designed for pets can be a smart option.


If your pet is going to be living elsewhere while you are gone, this doesn’t mean these tasks aren’t still important, and they should be done at some point to ensure your home is safe and secure for your pet. However, the task can wait until you get back from your travels if this is the case – you’ll have plenty of other things to organize. 


Ask Friends And Family To Help

Your absence would be much more bearable for your pet if they could be taken care of by someone they knew. Dogs and cats would be more at ease at home than at a boarding facility, so if this option is open to you, it’s worth considering, although it might be tricky to arrange as it will involve someone having to move into your home, and they will have their own responsibilities to deal with. If your pet is something that doesn’t need constant care, such as a fish or small rodent, then you might be able to ask someone to pop in twice a day to feed them and play with them for a while and to ensure all is well. 


You can have more peace of mind while on vacation if you entrust your animal friend to someone you know loves them as much as you do.


Enlist The Help Of Neighbors 

Boarding facilities can be a very convenient way to leave your pet with experienced pet sitters, but it would mean moving your pet temporarily to a place it doesn’t know. If you’re lucky enough to have neighbors that your pets know and like, and you’ll only be gone for a few days, you can ask them to check on your pet every now and then. Your next-door neighbor can feed and walk them. You can offer to do the same for your neighbor if they ever need help with their pets.


The great thing about this is that you wouldn’t be asking anyone to go too much out of their way – they already live next door or across the street, so it won’t be too much of an inconvenience. 


Hire A Pet Sitter

If you don’t have a relative, friend, or neighbor who can help, you might decide to hire a certified pet sitter. Pet sitters are normally more expensive, but since they are professionals who have made it their career to care for animals, you can be certain that they will provide your pet with the attention and care they need while you are away.


You can look for a pet sitter in the newspaper or on a website for pet care. You can decide if the pet sitter will stay with your pet at home or just come by at set times to feed, walk, and play with your pet. Make sure that the person taking care of your pet has a license and is experienced. 

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