Breakfast to Burgers…Brilliant. (And a Giveaway!)

I have a LOT of appliances.

It seems as a food blogger, I’ve amassed pretty much the equivalent of a Bed Bath & Beyond in my kitchen. You’d be surprised at how many gadgets you are asked to review, how many toasters, how many coffee pots. I say no a LOT, too. No, I don’t need another waffle iron, I’m pretty much set with the 4 I have, thanks.

griddleSo when I was sent this Cuisinart Griddler Combo from Big Kitchen, my first thought was I really don’t need another appliance.

But I was wrong.

This one is really a cool gadget. It’s an indoor grill as well as a griddle, making it more functional that having one of each. (who has room for that??) You see, it has these plates, and one side is flat, while the other side has a raised grill. Clever. The non-stick surface is fantastic, too – we’ve made the greasiest burgers on them, and only needed to wipe the surface down a bit before washing.

Good stuff – I hate to clean.

Pancakes are also super easy to make on the flat side – you can make 4 at a time, and being able to regulate the temperature is helpful (at least to me – my electric stovetop likes to ruin my pancakes when I’m not paying attention.) Does yours do that? Like, it’s not hot enough one minute, and the next minute you have charred pancakes? No? Okay then, me neither. But I do love pancakes, and this griddle has me in the mood for more.

Here are a few pancake recipes I’ve marked to try out soon…



The Giveaway

I ended up liking this little grill/griddle so much that I’ve arranged for one of YOU to have one too, courtesy of Big Kitchen. It would make a great gift for someone who loves being in the kitchen, or just loves having the latest gadget. Or for you to keep. I won’t judge…I have 4 waffle irons.

imageDo you need four waffle irons? You really should take a look at Big Kitchen. They offer a complete selection of kitchen products including appliances, cookware, bakeware, bar & wine, coffee & tea, tools, and many more items. They are also currently constructing a state of the art test kitchen where they will be filming product demonstration videos among other things, with the goal of creating buzz in the marketplace for brands and products they are passionate about. They seem like such a good company, and I for one am rooting for them! (Great prices, too! Yay!)


To enter to win, just comment here letting me know you want this Cuisinart Griddler Combo.

For one additional chance (just choose one) – Share this post link on Twitter or on Facebook. Return here to let me know you did, and now you’ve entered to win TWICE.

For an another additional entry, go follow Big Kitchen on Twitter! Just be sure to return here to let me know you did in a separate comment.

Three total entries per person, max. All extra comments will be deleted.

Open to US Addresses Only (so very sorry Internationals, I do appreciate you, though), and is courtesy of and shipped by Big Kitchen. Giveaway ends November 23, 11:59pm EST.


imageSee that 7 Quart KitchenAid? I know you want it. I certainly can’t blame you. So, to keep it fun and interesting, I’m giving you LOTS of extra opportunities to win it. For every giveaway you enter during my 25 Days of Doughmesstic Christmas, if you’ll go comment on THIS POST (Click thru!) saying “I entered to win the …” (you know, whatever you entered to win), you’ll get a BONUS entry to win the mixer. That’s 24 additional chances to win that bad boy. So scoot! Go enter to win today’s giveaway, and then visit THIS POST to comment for your bonus entries on the mixer.

Good Luck, and see you back here tomorrow for more fun things to win! And, don’t forget to scroll back to each of the posts from this week to enter to win the other great gifts from the Gift Guide!

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