Blueberry Oatmeal Popovers

I am crossing my fingers for good news today, y’all.

Cross yours too, okay?  I would love to tell you what for, but let’s just go with it…I don’t want to jinx anything.


Instead, I will share these Blueberry Oatmeal popovers with you.  Think blueberry muffin, with streusel, and a side of French toast all rolled in to one.

Sounds good, right?

Well, it is.

I love using big, juicy fruit in popovers, especially blueberries.  These were frozen, and I have to say, I really prefer it that way. Since they are frozen going into the oven, they don’t get overly cooked in the short amount of time they are baking.  That results in a pop of flavor when you bite into one, and I love that.  Just be sure to chew with your mouth closed.  Not that you don’t.





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Fingers CROSSED!