National Truffle Day…Fresh Raspberry Almond Truffles

Did you know that May 2nd is National Truffle Day?  It is!  And lucky for all of you, I pulled this beauty from the archives.  Back before anyone had ever heard of me, my friend Carrie from Fields of Cake was sweet enough (literally) to guest post for me.

Back then, I was lucky to get 72 people visit my site on any given day – so to guest post was really a labor of love.  Thank goodness she loved me.

Why? Because these truffles are ridiculous.  Sweet. Chocolaty.  Tart. Gorgeous.  Easy? Yes.  That makes them even better.  I bet you could whip some up as soon as you get home from work and surprise your honey.  I imagine the following to go down:

      • You: Hi Honey, Happy National Truffle Day! I made you something delicious.
      • Honey:….
      • You: What, you didn’t get me a card?  And I made you these truffles??
      • Honey:….
      • You: Can I have your AmEx?
      • Honey: …..
      • You:….

I really have very little imagination.  Maybe it will go down a little differently at your house.  Heck, I don’t know how the other half lives.  And by other half I mean people who leave their house at least once a week and have clothes that were purchased in the year 2011 or later…assuming such a creature exists outside of the television and Yahoo News.

But I do imagine you’ll love these truffles.

And help me, will ya?  Share this post with your friends?  Sweet Carrie deserves a little love after all this time.  Especially now that there are 73 of you reading the blog.

And it’s National Truffle Day.

Can I have your AmEx?


Have a great day everyone!

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