Super Lemon Pie Poppy Seed Popovers with Fresh Strawberries

Since the inception of my Popover Project, I have created more than one that I considered my “new favorite.”  The Chocolate Chip Cookie ranked way up there.  So did the Cheesecake Popovers.  But these – these Super Lemon Pie Popovers?


Holy wow.

I almost felt guilty eating them for breakfast…but I refuse to feel bad, because they were  So tart, so full of intense flavor. I think the rule is, if you have poppy seeds in a recipe, it can be eaten at anytime of day, including breakfast.  Did I just make up that rule?

Maybe.  Let’s not Google it or anything drastic like that.

I topped my popover with a cream cheese drizzle and a few ripe strawberries from my garden and called it a day – a very good day.

If I were you, I’d whip these bad boys up at least once over the long weekend.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a popover pan – as you can see, I made mine in a few ramekins.  Or, you can always use a regular muffin tin – anything works.  If you DO want a popover pan, though, you can pick one up here for very little dough.  I think you’ll find you end up using it way more often than you thought.



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And, see you back here tomorrow with an INCREDIBLE Pasta Salad that you’d be crazy not to cart off to a cookout this weekend.  Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend?  Invite me along?  I can bring something!

Until tomorrow, have a great day!