Making Your Home Reflect Your Lifestyle


Home is where the heart is, and this is a place that should be your safe haven. When the outside work is being a brutal, hard day at work, or when the weather is at its worst, you know you’ll feel better once you make it home. Your home décor can truly make an impact on how you feel. What the décor is, how much natural lighting is present, all the way down to colors affecting your mood. Furniture and décor affect you both physically and mentally.

Since your interior plays a major role in how you’re going to feel at home, it’s very important to reflect on who you are and how you want to feel. Interior design is one way to really let our personalities shine, and depict an atmosphere that we’re trying to create in a space. Interior design is amazing art that truly does make a person feel like themselves. If you’re looking into ways to make your décor and home reflect who you are and your lifestyle, then look no further. This is your guide to help you out in achieving just that. 

Think about how you’re wanting to feel in your home

Are you wanting your entire home to have a certain mood or atmosphere to it or would you prefer that each space has its own atmosphere? This is something very important to think about whenever you’re getting started on decorating your space. Most people will want their living room to feel open, calm, cozy, and welcoming. While their kitchen is a space that should be functional. It’s best to think of what you’re wanting and what ways you’d like to achieve this. Some list of questions that can help you out should include:

  • Are you wanting to impress guests when they enter your home?
  • Are you someone that often has visitors?
  • Does your home truly reflect who you are?
  • How easy is it for you to live in your space?
  • How easy is it for others in your home to live in this space?
  • What can be suitable for everyone at home?
  • How do the little things such as rugs under your feet make you feel?
  • How often are you home on a weekly basis?

While these may be a lot of questions to answer, they’re going to be the best way to help you sort out your thoughts. This is also going to give your family members the chance to talk to you about this as well. The home is a space that should reflect everyone who lives there, and It should make all the residents there feel comfortable and welcome. So ask them these questions as well as this is going to help bring in more clarity when selecting ways to transform the space.

What makes you feel happy in your home?

Are there any aspects of your home that bring a smile to your face? Maybe you have special mementos laying around your home such as Urns from, this is a great way to always have your loved one right in your home even if they have passed on. Other ways to bring out happiness in your home can include photographs. Photographs are a great décor item as the possibilities are endless. You can make your home feel lived in by showing off photos of yourself and your loved ones by displaying them on the walls, mantels, and shelves. But photographs can also include landscapes that give a more modern element to your home.

Souvenirs are another great example of mementos. Maybe you have some postcards that you would love to show off, or even would like to relive your travels through a beautiful knick-knack that you’ve purchased. These can make your home very sophisticated as it shows how well-traveled you are, but it is also a great way to bring multiple cultures into your home. Are colors something that makes you happy? Then adding splashes of your favorite color can also be an option. 


Change the layout

One of the things you need to know when buying a home is the ideal layout you want for your home. Does your current home have a layout that you appreciate? One that you enjoy? The layout of your home is going to heavily affect how you’re going to decorate it. If your living room is already very small, then you’ll want to avoid using clunky furniture as this is going to make the space feel cramped. This rule should go for all spaces in your home. If you have a small space, you’ll want to try and focus on making the space bigger.

Spacing truly does affect the mood. Being in a small space tends to make people anxious while being in a space that is too big is going to make them feel small and isolated. So it’s important to figure out what’s to appropriately fill out the space that you have at home.


The scents that linger in the home can truly help with boosting your mood, setting an atmosphere in the space, and it can help in removing bad scents. Think about some of your favorite scents and those that you know will instantly boost your mood. These can come from candles, wax melts, sprays, oil diffusers, or anything else. You want this to entice your senses and make you feel at home. But if you’re someone who tends to get headaches from scents, then something subtle such as potpourri could do the trick as well.

Comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture is key to feeling comfortable and safe in your own home. This type of furniture tends to be the focal point of the space as well. Couches are the focal point for living rooms as beds are the focal point for bedrooms. It’s important that you stay physically comfortable in your own home. It’s also important that your home is centered around these focal points. Since these seating and laying areas are usually the biggest piece of furniture in these rooms, you’ll want to look into an interior decorator to help you out. But you can even do this by yourself by framing your furniture with end tables, lamps, or plants.

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