S’mores Brownies…In the Crockpot!

I’ll be straight with you…the recipe for these gorgeous brownies is NOT on this post.



I’m going to tell you where it is! I am.  But first,  I wanted to tell you a little story or two.

You may have noticed I like to bake.  Four years ago, I didn’t know my way around a kitchen to save my soul.  Luckily, I got bored, I got poor, and I got hungry.  That led me to food blogging, and to learning a few things.

Actually, it’s led to me learning a lot of things.

Enough things, in fact, that I have been hired on as the Dixie Crystals Test Kitchen Culinary Specialist.

That’s right – a full time gig developing recipes for a major company. A sugar company, which is SO up my alley.

One of the recipes that secured my new job with Dixie?  These S’mores Crockpot Brownies.  I mean, just look at them. Could you have said NO to a brownie that looks like THAT?

Neither could I.

And just wait until you hear what’s in them.


A thick layer of brownies, topped with graham crackers, then plenty of chocolate chips.  After that? More brownie mix, and a toasted cloud of sticky sweet marshmallows.

Yes, please.

And – they’re made in the crockpot.


Now…run, don’t walk over to the Dixie Crystals Recipe site, and grab that recipe!  While you’re there? Grab some great coupons!