Decorating for the Holidays

Can you believe we just had Thanksgiving, and Christmas is breathing down our necks?


I’m pretty sure it was just Easter. I never even made it to a single pool this year. Fact. Okay, wait. I did. I went to The Homestead in September, and they had a heated lazy river. You and both know that doesn’t count.

While I may not have my Christmas shopping done, or all of my travel plans mapped out, I do have my decorations out and up for the most part. I love opening the boxes of ornaments and porcelain Santas, the treasures we pack up every year and then forget exist in their little basement hang out.


The ornaments? Well, I am particular about mine. We’ve collected things from all over the world – some are officially ornaments, some are not, but all go on my tree. Take for example the bird nest I carried home from Watamu, Kenya. It’s beautiful, and a real work of art. Or my La Befana, that I had to have because she was downright too ugly to leave at the Christmas Bazaar in the Piazza Navona. On every journey we’ve picked up something unique I love to hang on the tree, and with each one hung, I can remember a little about that trip.

One of these days, my goal is to take a photo of each one, and tell a little bit about it. You know, for Seven. Just in case something should happen to me… I’d like him to know. Maybe he’d appreciate it.


Besides ornaments, I have a large collection of Jim Shore figurines. It’s about the only Americana you’ll find in my more modern house, but I do love them. Quilt like patterns, rustic snowmen and Santas – for some reason, they just call to me. So do the porcelain Santas. I have entirely too many of these fellas…but aren’t they gorgeous? I even have a few sitting in my kitchen window sill. I used to be able to put a decorated tree in the foyer, living room, AND kitchen, but with a 5 year old, his things take up room. Plus, the kitchen reno ate up my available tree space, and I am okay with that. Instead – I decoated the table top with those Jim Shore figurines and some lights and pine branches I picked up at Lowe’s. Just a bit of greenery, some candy canes, and a few ornaments go a long way if you add in some twinkle lights!

Now, I am not what you’d call terribly motivated when it comes to crafting, but I really do love this garland. Scraps of holiday fabric, a few tiny styrofoam balls, a jingle bell or two and a handful of tiny cookie cutters is all it takes to make a fun and festive decoration for the banister.


Start by cutting a length of twine the length you’d like your garland. Then cut out that fabric! You’ll do best by cutting scraps about 4-6 inches long and an inch wide, but no need to be uniform or perfect – this is the beauty of it! Some pieces you’ll want to make larger, so that you can wrap the tiny ball of styrofoam inside it. Super easy!


Once you have your fabric cut out, begin tying it in simple knots along the twine. Mix up those fabrics! The tighter you pull it all together, the fuller it will be. Time consuming, yes, but you can do it while watching Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead. You know, holiday programming.

Every so often, add in one of those fabric wrapped balls, cookie cutters, or bells, and keep on keeping on until you’ve reached the end of the twine.

Voila, you are done!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

For more holiday decorating ideas, visit Lowe’s Creative Ideas.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Lowes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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