The Beverly Wilshire…a Four Seasons Hotel


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I stayed there. The Four Seasons Beverly Hills.  AKA, The Beverly Wilshire.

Oh. Yes. I Did.

You may not have had the opportunity to travel to Beverly Hills, but no doubt, you’ve heard of Rodeo Drive. And you know what else? I bet you’ve heard of this incredible hotel…The Beverly Wilshire. Have you seen Pretty Woman? (If you are alive, I imagine you have.) Well, this is THAT hotel.




Now, I didn’t stay in the Penthouse, nor did I have a high pitched elevator assistant. I also didn’t have a runner in my pantyhose. What I did have?

An amazing experience.


The Hotel

Paula and I spent three action packed days at the Beverly Wilshire, full of glitz and luxury. Our suite was huge – a foyer, a living room, a bedroom, and of course, a bathroom to knock your socks off. We could people watch from high above Rodeo Drive, though in all honesty, we spent most of our time out and about.


It was easy for us to get around, as the Beverly offers free luxury transportation around the city. It’s not your average ride, either…think chauffered Merecedes Benz and, ahem, Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce.

Imagine being dropped off at a 5 star restaurant in Beverly Hills in a chauffered Rolls. Let THAT not get to your head. I dare you. It’s a wonder I even manage to dress myself in the mornings now without a staff.

The staff of the Beverly was fantastic, and more than helpful. Our incredibly kind host, Carrie even sent up a tray full of goodies – salame, prosciutto, crackers, cheese, fruits, and of course, chocolates – for us to enjoy. And enjoy we did! We crawled into our giant bed and grazed while watching Magic Mike.


The cheese was much better to eat versus watch. Just a word to the wise. Magic Mike sucked.

The Dining

Brunch at the onsite restaurant, The BLVD.? Did NOT suck.


Food bloggers want to try everything. Everything. And believe me – we tried everything. Croissants. Pastries. Waffles, pasta, duck. Truffles, omelets, an onslaught of dessert. It was impossible to choose a favorite dish. I just can’t do it.


While there, we made friends with Jeremy, the GM of the The BLVD. What a fun guy! After a brunch of at least 47 courses (I stopped counting, as I was in delicious overload), as we were getting ready to roll ourselves out of the restaurant, Jeremy offered to meet us later for a quick bite.

Duck Fat Fries.


Duck Fat Fries aren’t even on the menu…but the chef agreed to make us a plate full, so later that evening as the city of Beverly Hills glowed from the setting sun, we three sat outdoors, plates full of fries and duck. And drinks. Then more drinks. And then homemade sorbets. Oh, coconut.

Thank you, Jeremy.

And thank you, Beverly Wilshire. I’m not sure how I will ever top this experience.


The Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel

  • 9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90212 U.S.A.
  • Tel. +1 (310) 275-5200
  • Fax. +1 (310) 274-2851
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