Kicking Off MIXED!

Today is a huge day for me.


Today I host my first conference… MIXED.  One hundred people – food bloggers and writers, mostly – from all around the country (and Canada!) – are coming to a conference that I created.

That’s crazy to me.

For months, my best friend and co-conspirator, Paula and I have been reaching out to sponsors, coordinating speakers, lining up prizes, transportation, parties, a band, and of course, lodging, for all of these attendees.

It’s been a whirlwind.

A concept created in an afternoon coming to fruition – today.


Last night, we kicked off the festivities with our speakers and a sponsor, dining at one of my favorite restaurants anywhere – The Palisades, in Eggleston, VA.  I’m not sure any of our guests trusted that Brandi and I knew what we were doing, driving them miles out into the country, along the New River.  Though the drive may be questionable, I think the food spoke for itself.


This morning, we all had breakfast, hanging out in our suite at Mountain Lake Hotel, the locale for our weekend.  But there’s work to be done!  Attendees will be arriving all day, many in fun shuttles called The Hooptie Ride. (Shh – no one told them it would be so crazy!)  We are starting with an afternoon of Wisconsin Cheeses, Creminelli Salame, fruit, and Cameron Hughes Wine…but after that, it goes into full gear!


Dinner in the Dining Room, followed by the arrival of my friend Duff Goldman (yep, the Ace of Cakes!), and then – parties!!  Mingling and more food follow in the Activities Barn before heading to a late night movie – and Midnight Mac & Cheese, sponsored by Dreamfields!

I can’t tell you which part I am looking most forward to…all of it?

Stay tuned to Twitter, and follow along with the festivities.  We are tweeting @MixedCon – join us from afar if you can’t be here!

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