No Nonsense (Lots of Nonsense!) Girls Getaway Weekend

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

I make no secrets about who my friends are. There are a few, though, that I just can not seem to function without.

Paula. Brandi. Bree.

What they see in me, I’ll never know, but together the four of us (as different as we are) seem to complete each other. Do you have friends like that?

I hope so.

After a stint in Los Angeles in October, and a wonderful few days hanging out all together (and eating some incredible goodies) at Mixed, we decided we HAD to make sure we got together again, and soon. But where do four food blogging, crazy headed, world wanderers go?

New York City.

Yep, in April the four of us are packing our bags, ditching our husbands, and taking the train from DC to Penn Station for a weekend of eating, shopping, eating, Instagramming, and eating like nobody’s business.

Scarpetta? Close up early. We intend to devour every bite of pasta you’ve got.

Nine West? I’m coming for shoes.

Cartier? Yeah, umm, you’re likely safe.

But what to pack for a weekend of giddiness in April?

I have a reputation for being a very savvy packer. I’ve even been known to shame my fellow bloggers into packing lighter, for fear of what I may say about the size of their luggage. I do not ever ever ever CHECK a BAG. Ever. Heck, I was in Beverly Hills for nearly a week with four pair of shoes, two of them tall boots, and still only had a carry-on.

I can pack.

But April may be a little chilly. You never know. I still plan on packing one small bag, though, as schlepping a suitcase through NYC is not fun. Trust me on this. Not. Fun.

So, I did a little Polyvore montage of what I think is a fun start. A simple black skirt with brown belt (to match the brown boots), a dressed up plaid top, a dressed down denim top, a fun necklace, and a big leather bag. Oh yeah – and leggings. Windy? Chilly? No problem with the leggings. The ones I chose were No nonsense. Great color, and easy to find…most chain stores have them, and they are easy on the wallet. It’s a quick addition to the wardrobe that takes up very little luggage room as well, so that’s great news for me. Heck, I may have to add a black pair as well.

Why not?

I’ve got a bit to learn in the style department – maybe I am a little funky? But, Jill Martin seems to have her finger on the pulse of everything fashion. Not just a fashion expert, Jill is also an Emmy Award-winning TV personality and co-author of the New York Times bestselling style guide “I Have Nothing to Wear!” She is also the New York Correspondent for Access Hollywood. And now, she’s the spokesperson for No nonsense.

As the new brand ambassador, Jill will be featured in a series of online vignettes that show women how to wear the latest trends that include No nonsense tights and leggings. She will also be active on social media, providing fashion tips via Twitter and will be featured in a Facebook contest where a winner and her friend will meet Jill in NYC for a shopping spree and lots of great style advice.

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And look out NYC, am I right?

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