Thursday Thinking

I’ve been thinking about lots of things lately.

Food, of course, has been on my brain.  The S’mores cookbook especially, as I am in a week of design edits and scrambling to get it all done while still keeping you folks entertained.

Friends, old ones, new ones.  Acca-awesome ones…they’ve been on my mind.  I have to say, my bloggy girlfriends have converted me to liking girls.  As friends.  I have girlfriends now.  That’s pretty impressive for someone like me.

Traveling – I do a lot of that, and it’s about to get hectic here in the next couple of weeks.

Makeup – I have an addiction, it seems.  Handbags.  Shoes.  I’m not sure where this new love of girl stuff has come from, but, perhaps it’s the new friends.  Or perhaps it’s the traveling.  I don’t know – but it appears to be here to stay.

So what is this post about?

Nothing, really.

I just thought I’d show you some of the stuff I am doing, and things I am loving.  I’d REALLY appreciate you leaving me a comment on things you are loving as well, so that I can give them a gander.  Maybe it’s a new lip gloss, or a pair of Coach wedges you think I’d kill for.

Maybe it’s a burger I need to try.  Maybe it’s a tee shirt that sums me up.

Share it.  I love that kind of thing.

So here is a purse I really want.  It needs to go on a bit of a sale – ahem, Kate Spade I hope you are listening – as I hate to pay full price for things.  My mother raised me better than that.

Yes, it’s very similar to the Kate Spade I already own – the Eat Cake For Breakfast tote – but this one sums me up pretty well.  I think I need it.  And, I do have an unnatural love of all things Kate.  And it’s snarky, like me.

This makeup.  Benefit’s High Beam Enhancer.  You MUST own it.  I let Paula use some while we were shacking up with Brandi at Blissdom, and she’s since bought her own.  It’s lovely.  Glowy. Not over the top but subtle and light. It makes your cheekbones stand out, and if placed under the brow bone, it really pops your eyes.  I bought mine as part of this set – the Sugarlicious Set – and I have to say, the entire set is good.  I’d buy it again in a heartbeat, as all of the products in it I am using every day.  Literally.

Pitch Perfect.  Why did it take me SO long to watch it?  Again – girlfriends are responsible.  If you follow me at all on Twitter, you’ll see these random tweets with the girls that make little to no sense.  We are quoting Pitch Perfect, the movie we watched no less than 427 times at Blissdom on Pay Per View.  Unlike many movies, this one actually gets funnier the more you watch it.  Seriously. The first time I saw it – it was funny.  Now?  It’s hilarious.  If you can’t laugh at Pitch Perfect, you just aren’t normal.  Who knew a movie about a capella singers could be so hilarious? Acca believe it.

This drink.  I am not a drinker, but I guess I am now, thanks to Brandi and the Blissdom Challenge.  Paula and Meredith hung in there with us (yay Day Drinkers!), but it was Brandi that laid down the gauntlet.  Maybe some day I will fill you in on this incredible challenge, but let’s just say it involved a lot of vodka, sway texting, nicknames,  and boots I literally don’t remember buying in the middle of the night.  A four day drunk will do that to a person.  At least I got them on sale.  I think.

Anyway – let’s say you aren’t a drinker either, but sometimes, you just want to be like everyone else and mellow out a bit.  You know, not be the only person at the bar drinking a Diet Coke and wondering how long it’s going to be before you can leave.

Order this – Single Tall Vodka, 7 Up and Orange Juice.  You will hardly taste the vodka, and quite honestly, it’s a really bad idea.  It tastes like spring and you can suck one down before you know it.  I know this because I have gotten very good at drinking them.  I’d say sucking them down, but that just sounds dirty when talking about myself.

Don’t say I never helped you. Now you can go to a bar and look like you know what you are doing.  And it won’t taste bad.  I know you want a girly drink but can’t bring yourself to order a silly girl cocktail.  This drink?  That’s your answer.

So – there’s a few things I’m into right now.  Tomorrow I will be back here with a recipe – a great chicken number you can make in no time flat – but until then…

Make good choices.  Love you awesome nerds!

Disclaimer – in case I need one – I in no way was paid to write anything about anything in this post.  I have included an affiliate link though, in case you want to easily buy anything I mentioned.  Consider yourself disclaimed.