Garden Update…Getting Greener! (and A Giveaway!)

This is a follow up post to the first Pennington Smart Feed sponsored post I wrote a few weeks ago, as I thought you may want to see the results of what we did! (Plus, I just needed to brag on Jon a little – he spent the entire three day weekend in the garden – weeding, spraying, tilling, planting, and getting sun tanned, while I stayed inside spring cleaning, and maintaining my paleness. (What a difference three days and umpteen trips to the dump can make!)


On Saturday we took a trip to the local greenhouse and picked up some veggies to plant – tomatoes, broccoli, onions, peppers, cucumbers and of course, zucchini. You can’t have a Southern Garden without more zucchini than you and all of your neighbors can possibly eat in a lifetime…it’s the law, though unwritten, I believe. The rest of the day, Jon and Seven planted away. They did a great job!

We picked up some Pennington’s Smart Feed for Tomatoes & Vegetables to give our bounty a kick in the toosh, because you know what? Every garden of mine can use a little help. We are NOT great gardeners. I for one hate to weed, and sunshine (so sue me), so I stay in the house. It’s not easy to weed from there. Jon works long hours, and the last thing he wants to do is weed in the dark…so in our garden, it’s survival of the fittest. I think our plants will do just fine with this extra bit of fertilizer we gave them. Why do I think it will work?

Because of what the All Purpose Smart Feed did for our other plants. Just look!


You may recall, we sprayed it on our flower bed (where the Lilies grow) the hostas, the Red Hot Poker, some of the herb bed, and the flowers by the house. Everything is thriving!

1. Twist off the clear sprayer canister

2. Load one or two water-soluble fertilizer tablets into the sprayer

3. Spray on target area

I love the results, and it really couldn’t be easier to use! Not only do they make the Smart Feed for Tomatoes and Vegetables, as well as the All Purpose, they make a variety for Flowers and Blooms – if’ you love flowers, I would check that one out!


AmEx Giveaway

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Disclaimer: As I mentioned, this post was sponsored by Pennington’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Prize is courtesy of and shipped by Pennington’s.

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