Puddle Jumping

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may know that I’m away.

Like, away away.

California Away.

Yep, as you read this, I am most likely in Santa Monica, sea breeze in my not-so-great-looking-windblown hair, getting a little sunburn across the tops of my shoulders and 3 random spots on my face. God knows I can’t sun tan like a normal person, NO. I have to look like I came down with leprosy after a day at them beach.

But anyway…I’m away.

But just for a couple of days, you see. By Sunday I’ll have flown out and back several thousand miles, just for a weekend. It happens. That’s no puddle jumping though.

Puddle Jumping is what YOU should be doing. And by Puddle Jumping, I mean jumping over to the Dixie Crystals site where I created a recipe for Chocolate Almond Puddle Cookies.

Puddle Jumping.

Apparently these babies are going nuts on Pinterest, and that’s great…because THEY are great. Super easy and awfully tasty – you should give them a go this weekend. Why not?

You’re not in Santa Monica, are you?

Jump on it!

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