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Do you like to eat?

Surely you must, you are HERE, on MY site. This means you really, really like to eat.

You might also be a big fan of traveling, which I am. And especially a big fan of cruising.


I’ve traveled abroad to so many places, from Europe to Asia, to South America and Africa. Over 30 countries and counting. But cruising? What a value. Only unpack once, and see SO MANY THINGS. And? Eat so.many.things.

I’m sure you’ve heard it from every friend you’ve ever had that has been on a cruise. What do they tell you first?

Dear Lord, the FOOD.


Yes, you can avoid it, if you so choose. Being on a cruise and being on a diet are about the worst two things to ever put together. But you can do it. I’ve done it. It CAN happen.

And hey, there’s always the gym.

And the spa. If you can’t sweat off those calories, the spa will have a detox treatment, I’m sure.

Here’s what you need to know about dining on board:

1. Book your preferred dining time, in advance. There are choices of Early or Late Dining. Choose what you like. Maybe you’d rather go to the show before dinner, then eat for 3 hours. Or maybe you’d rather eat first, then see the show. Just keep in mind, this dinner time is YOURS the entire week. You’ll love it, because you know where to go, your waiter will treat you like a king, and overall, you’ll be superbly content. Contentment is something I truly value.

2. Book your TABLE SIZE. Seems silly, maybe, but if you are going on the cruise with friends, alert the ship. Let them know you want to eat together, and they will seat you together. If it’s just you and your lovely, book a table for 2. Or, if you’d like to meet new people, ask to be seated at a large table. Just know you are going to eat with these same people all week. And yeah, you really will become friends, I bet.


3. Book a night at the Chef’s Table. If exquisite cuisine at sea is your thing, you need to pay the paltry fee to upgrade to this experience. A tour of the galley, with a series of hors d’oeuvres spread out before you? A visit with the Executive Chef? Food prepared for you, tableside? So many courses you literally need an elastic waistband? Yes. Book it. Book it in advance, too, as this is an experience that books up and sells out.


4. The Steakhouse – The Crown Grill. This is another great dinner option. Huge steaks, lobster tails, fanciful desserts? All to be had at the Crown Grill. Again, there is a small fee to dine here, but worth every penny. Look into it, and book. You won’t be sorry.

5. Anytime Dining. Means just that. If you don’t want a schedule, you don’t need one. Book Anytime Dining, and show up whenever you like.

6. Sabatini’s. Want some full on Italian? Sabatini’s is a specialty restaurant that serves up plenty of pasta just the way you want it. This specialty restaurant requires a small cover charge, but offers so much! Again, book in advance…you’ll want to make sure to save room in your schedule (and belly!) for this dining experience!


7. Buffets. There is no shortage of buffets. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. It’s always there, waiting for you. Don’t whine and say you’re hungry, ever. It’s not the fault of the cruise!

IMG_77768. Room Service. Yep, just in case you are too lazy to roll yourself out of your cabin, there is a bounty of food available at the push of a button. Sandwiches, burgers, desserts…all available, 24/7. I may have indulged on platefuls of chocolate chip cookies and milk every day about 4. May have. Okay, I did.

9. Chocolate Journeys℠ Princess Cruises is setting sail for delicious new destinations with the introduction of Chocolate Journeys℠, an industry-first, premium chocolate experience onboard in partnership with Master Chocolatier Norman Love.

Hungry yet?

You should be!

Look into booking a cruise, and once you do, book these dinners! You’ll thank me later, I know it.

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Disclaimer: I was part of a media tour with Princess Cruises. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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