Silk Cashewmilk

I’m trying all kinds of new things these days.

Seriously, you guys, so many new things.

The “diet”, which I hate calling a diet, has led me down new roads. I experiment. I play. I love trying new things.

For example, the new Silk Cashewmilk.

I’ve been a big fan of Silk for a while now, and am still a lover of their Vanilla Almond Milk. It tastes, to me, like a melty milkshake. It’s amazing over cereal, as a drink, in hot cocoa, you name it. But…what would I think of the Cashewmilk?


Big fan.

I tried two varieties: Original and Unsweetened.

Now, for me, of course, the Original is nicer – it’s sweeter, creamy, drinkable and pour-over-cereal-able. Great flavor (not too nutty) and smooth, plus, it’s low calorie at only 60 calories per serving. Score. As for the unsweetened, I happen to be a fan of it as well, but for different reasons. It’s still smooth and creamy, just not as sweet. This gives me a milk I can drink with only 25 calories, and, more importantly for my diet, only 1 gram of carbs.

So what do I do with it? Oh, lots of things. I’ve baked with it, cooked with it, and basically substituted it in for milk just about everywhere, so that I could give it a true test. It passes with flying colors, in fact, it even subs in for heavy cream in many cases. Even ganache. Chocolate ganache made with cashewmilk is amazing. Try it.

But what do I do MOST with it?

I mix it into my daily dose of protein powder.


True story…I now drink protein powder. I don’t even recognize myself. Daily trips to the gym, sometimes twice a day…and protein powder, low carbs, and lots of water. It’s like living with a strange, healthier version of myself who wears smaller clothes.

I kinda like it.

Silk Cashewmilk

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