Universal Orlando Theme Parks

Universal Orlando Theme Parks.  Yes, parks. Parkkkssss.


A lot of people don’t realize that Universal is made up of two separate but equally awesome theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  It’s hard to want to do one without the other, so why? But the 2 Park Pass, and jump from park to park as you like.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (I personally have never read it OR watched it, I KNOW), you’ll fall in love with BOTH parks, as Harry is in full effect in both.  In fact, you can take a very cool train from one park to the next, based on the Potter books.  It’s no people mover though, folks…it’s a full on experience.  The train is outfitted exactly like a European train, with berths and closing doors, hallways, steam, you name it.  The attention to detail at Universal is remarkable!


If the train isn’t enough Harry for you, you’ll find your thrill in Diagon Alley.  I’m told it replicates the books like you can’t even imagine.  But if you are like me, and unschooled in the ways of the wizard, you’ll still be impressed. Architectural details are stunning, the rides are phenomenal, and the dragon perched atop the bank?  He blows fire.  Awesomeness.

But Universal isn’t all about Harry Potter.  There’s every amazing movie you can think of there..

Like The Mummy.

While I didn’t love the movie, I ADORED the ride.  Part movie, part roller coaster, part screaming hot fire, the twists and turns and stomach dropping moments on this ride made it one of my favorite roller coasters anywhere.  Why?  It just caught me so off guard, and I LOVE surprises!


On a similar note, another multi-dimensional ride was Minion Mayhem.  Your kids will love it, and so will YOU!  The Despicable Me movies are a favorite here at my house, and truth be told, I get so cracked up at the minions language.  They are such sarcastic little boogers! Minion Mayhem turns you and your friends into minions – or so that’s the plan – but you’ll just have to ride it to find out what happens!

Universal has a bevy of other multi-dimensional rides – like Men In Black, the Simpsons, Spiderman and more.  The Transformers ride spans two stories, and wow – what a ride to not really move all that much!

If MOVING is your thing, fear not!  Universal has roller coasters that will leave you breathless!  My favorite?

The Rip Ride Rockit.


I’ve never been on a coaster like it!

It goes straight up, literally.  And before you leave the platform, you’re choosing YOUR favorite tune to listen to while riding, making the experience unique for everyone, every time!  Loved that ride…it was just long enough (I hate short coasters), and soooo smooth.  Such fun!


Second fave?  The Hulk.  It’s incredible!  Instead of the click clack click up up up, you are LAUNCHED from the get go!  Again, super smooth track, full of twists and turns.  I can’t get enough.


There are rides for everyone, young, old, scared, brave.  But everyone can enjoy the Suess Trolley.  Located in Suess Landing, you’ll feel like you stepped right into one of the story books.  Such whimsy and excitement.  The trolley is great because of the views it offers of the park – you can see it all!  Plus, your kiddos will be entertained by the stories told while riding – you never know which story you’ll get, so ride often!


Of course, there are lots of other rides to see and things to do!  Just walking around is exciting in itself – you’ll see things like the actual cars from The Fast & The Furious 7.  You’ll see Marty McFly’s ride to The Future.  You’ll be able to buy Duff Beer.  SO MANY THINGS!

Like food.

Think you can’t have a fantastic meal in a theme park?  Think again.  For example – Mythos.

Not only is the food exceptional, the décor is fantastical, and the view of the lake and park is enchanting.  Everything I had was stellar, from the shrimp cocktail to the risotto.  Yes, at a theme park!  It’s NOT all pretzels and soda!


Take the family and have a great time.  I know you will!

Click here for more info on Universal Parks – you’ll find everything you need there, for sure!

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