Get Ready to Run…Mudderella Style!

I am not a runner.

Seriously? Zombie Apocalypse happens, I am the one using my brain, not running. I’m the one who will have a stash of Jolly Ranchers and vodka and strong men to trade (I think my trading power will be pretty up there), and NOT the one on the run.

But here I am, writing to tell you that I’ve signed myself up for a race. A RUN.


I was approached by Mudderella to challenge myself this summer, as part of a campaign to spread the word about their events. So, they are sponsoring ME to run in THEIR race.

But why do it? Mudderella has been on my radar for quite some time. Why? Well, some of you may note that I’ve changed my lifestyle over the past year, and exercise has become one of the many changes I have made. Not only have I cut carbs (sugars, breads, cake, booooo), I’ve also committed myself to the gym life multiple times per week. I lift with the boys (see, actual muscles, lol!) , I run on the elliptical, and I join in on classes when I can. I am in training not only for a run in July, but for LIFE.

But what does that have to do with Mudderella?

To me, it’s a challenge. A challenge to prove to myself that all this work has meant something. That it has made me better, stronger, healthier. That all the cake I passed by was FOR something. I want to see myself get across that finish line.

But wait…there’s more.

What good is a challenge if there’s no one there to share it with?

That’s where Mudderella makes it awesome.

I have a TEAM. That’s right, I convinced three great girlfriends to join in this challenge with me, and on July 25, we all head to Clarksburg, Maryland to tackle the mud and obstacles together. As a team, we will pull each other mile after mile, and obstacle after obstacle. Mud pit after mud pit. And at the end, we will be together.

Or dead.

Either way, we will be together.

I love the concept that for a full day, there’s a race that embraces the power of women. It’s all ladies, all running for their own reasons. All running to prove something to themselves. It’s empowering. It’s a place to not feel the pressure to look pretty, to worry about my mouth gaping open as I run. A place to show me I am strong. I hope the ladies I chose for my team will get as much out of the day as I intend to.

How could we not? As women, we ARE powerful, and there’s not much we can’t join together and do. I chose my team wisely…Mary Lynn is a powerhouse who is raising 4 kids on her own. She hits the gym, she works hard, and she keeps everyone alive. ON HER OWN. Stephanie has guts and determination like you can’t believe. She just packed up and moved halfway across country, on her own, to pursue a dream job. Newly single, new city, new job, and did I mention she’s lost 100 pounds by working her butt off?? Then there’s Stacie, a new to me friend that found me fro my blog. She’s a tough cookie herself, running her own business and raising a family successfully.

I chose some tough chicks.

But there’s room for more! Are you looking to challenge yourself? Then join us! We are Team Doughmesstic, and you are more than welcome to run with us in Clarksburg. Just register at the Mudderella Site, and search our team name. If that date doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other dates and locations listed below, so get a group of girlfriends together and get it DONE! We’ll be rooting for you!

Where to Race

Right now Mudderella has 9 US and two Canadian events planned for 2015, but you never know we might just decide to add a few more along the way, so be sure to check out for all the latest info. The current 2015 event schedule of events is:

NY/NJ – May 9, 2015 – Englishtown, NJ

Chicago – May 30, 2015 – Richmond, IL

NorCal – June 27, 2015 – Vallejo, CA

Toronto – July 11, 2015 – Kitchener, ON Canada

Capital Region – July 25, 2015 – Clarksburg, MD

Colorado – August 22, 2015 – Snowmass Village, CO

Pittsburgh – September 12, 2015 – Slippery Rock, PA

Whistler – September 26, 2015 – Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC Canada

New England – October 3, 2015 – Thompson, CT

Mudderella Links

Mudderella Website:

Mudderella Training Program:

Mudderella Event YouTube Video:

What is Mudderella YouTube Video:





Hashtag: #Mudderella2015

Disclaimer: As mentioned, this post was sponsored by Mudderella via Influence Central. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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