Time for Camp…Using Mabel’s Labels!

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My son is growing up.

I was just watching videos of him a couple of days ago, when he was 2 and 3, making cooking videos with me. Back when he still said the words “four” and “door” like “fear” and “dear.”

I actually miss that. He somehow corrected that little impediment on his own, but it was adorable. You should have heard him singing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley back then. “…outside my deerstep””…”

My heart. I can’t take it.


Because now, he’s a few days shy of becoming a THIRD GRADER. I mean…LOOK AT HIM.

And worse? He’s 2 weeks shy of going to his very first sleep away camp for a week.

I’ve been excited for him since before he was born. The camp he is going to was MY camp growing up. Same camp leader, same dorms, same set up. I hope they still have to ride a broom around the room if they get mail, and I hope they still sing songs around the campfire at night. I hope he makes friends he will take with him forever, like I did.

I wish I could go.

But, alas, I can not. He will go in my place, and I know he will love it.

I’m just hoping he won’t LOSE everything I send.


Luckily, I was approached by Mabel’s Labels to share with you about their new Limited Edition CAMP labels. I’ve used their labels on his school items since kindergarten and LOVE them. They are so durable, these little stickers. And man do they stick! I’ve never had one come off, despite what he puts them through.

So, I will be attaching these great looking name tags to everything he takes, from shoes to shorts to backpacks and toothpaste. He would lose his MIND if someone else used his toothpaste or shampoo. So, this should help with all that! There are so many sizes included in the package (only $39.99), that you can attach them to just about anything. Plus, they’re WASHABLE. No gumminess after a trip through the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher. It’s guaranteed!

If he makes it home with them, that is. He has enough of my sister’s blood in him that I can’t really be confident. But – I made the effort, right?

You should, too!

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