BloggerBash 2015 in NYC

I don’t often tell you about all of them here, but if you follow e on Twitter, you know I go to a lot of conferences.

A lot.

I go as an ambassador on occasion, or a speaker, or just as an attendee.

Heck, I even host one myself.

Typically though, my conferences are all food blogger related.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I know.  But here lately, I have seen myself going to something new to me…

The Mom Blogger Conferences.

Some of you are maybe aware, there is a kind of separation of Mom Blogger versus Food Blogger camps.  But here’s the thing…maybe it shouldn’t be so cut and dry.


Most food bloggers are moms.  And hello?  Most moms eat food.

So, because Seven is getting to be an age where he can actually give me his opinion on toys, or experiences, or kid related activities, I have found myself bridging the gap a bit, and venturing out.

So now, I am attending Blogger Bash in New York City next month, in one of my favorite towns…New York City.  Not only will I be attending, I was actually chosen as an Ambassador for the event.  That means I want YOU to come too, so that we can hang out, and I won’t loo like the food blogger who slipped in the back door when the mommies weren’t watching.

Come on, people.  Don’t make me look like THAT person.  Come with me.


What IS Blogger Bash, you ask?

Well, Blogger Bash was founded by Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht, who is also the founder and CEO of the Toy Insider, and president of The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, two trade magazines for the toy and licensing industry. In addition to Laurie, Blogger Bash is co-hosted by Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media and Charlene DeLoach of Charlene Chronicles.  So, it’s kind of a big deal, with some kind of big deals.

This is the second annual Blogger Bash, and it will take place on July 16-17, 2015 at Pier Sixty in New York City. New York City is amazing – and you can’t help but have a grand time. (With ME)

Blogger Bash is different from any other blogging conference in that it is designed for bloggers who are experienced and have already nailed down the basics of blogging. Blogger Bash aims to provide both men and women with important connections and the tools they need to take their blogs and video channels to the next level. Blogger Bash is an annual event that connects hundreds of digital influencers, including bloggers, vloggers, and social media professionals to more than 100 lifestyle brands. This, I am totally looking forward to.

This year, Blogger Bash includes more than 15 different interactive events, including parties, meals, speaker panels, and even an off-site exclusive performance from The Blue Man Group.  Parties, people.  It’s ALL PARTIES and we will have a ball.  Even without the toys, we would have a BALL and you know it.

But – there ARE TOYS.  Top Blogger Bash sponsors include LeapFrog, Activision, Disney Interactive, VTech, Care Bears, Peanuts, Anne Geddes, Good Enough Mother, and Canadian Lentils.

The sixth annual Sweet Suite event, also known as the Biggest Night of Play, is hosted by the Toy Insider, a website dedicated to reviewing toys year round, providing kids, parents, grandparents, and other gift-givers with all of the information they need to choose the right toys.

And last, but not least, leading up to all of this grandness is a series of Twitter Parties where YOU can WIN PRIZES!  Take for example tonight at 9pm EST…I am a cohost of the Peanuts Twitter Party and I really hope you’ll join me!

Remember Snoopy?  Who doesn’t?  Hopefully you will join us for the Twitter Party that will take you back to your childhood – and share your memories with your own children as this new movie comes out!

YOU COULD WIN: A LeSportsac Peanuts Movie bag; A Peanuts Movie Flying Ace game from Wonderforge; The Art of Blue Sky Studios book; a Just Play’s Happy Dance Snoopy; and a Peanuts Movie Construction Set from Cra-Z-Art.  Fun, right?  Just use the following hashtag, and do RSVP here!


Stay tuned to my Twitter, too – there will be lots more Twitter parties leading up to Blogger Bash, and lots of chances to win from a variety of sponsors!

  • LENTILS   – 6/24/2015 – 9p ET
  • RITE AID   – 6/29/2015 – 9p ET
  • LEAPFROG   – 6/30/2015 – 9p ET
  • DISNEY INFINITY  – 7/1/2015 – 9p ET
  • VTECH    – 7/7/2015 – 9p ET



For more info on Blogger Bash, check out all of the links and hashtags below – there’s a LOT to love!  Plus – I have a discount for you if you’d like a ticket yourself (hurry though, it’s practically sold out!) I’d love to see you there with me!

Disclaimer: As stated, I am an ambassador for Blogger Bash.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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