Caribou Iced Coffee

I have just recently started drinking coffee.

I know. I know. I am one of the strange creatures that escaped the lure of dark roast, despite the amazing smells, despite cooking with it, despite working in a restaurant for years, despite being one tired mama. I escaped it.

Until I met Mr.Texas.

He’s quite the night owl, you see, and often works late into the evenings, so, when I started keeping some of those late hours, I began sneaking a sip or two from his mug.

And then it happened.

I kind of got hooked.

Since then, I have been quite the sample-monster, always looking for the very best cup, brand, combination of cream and flavor and sugar. I am on a mission, you see. It’s been pretty enjoyable!

So, when Caribou Coffee reached out to me to sample their new Premium Iced Coffee, I was more than game. Iced Coffee? Could I do it? Would I want to? HOT coffee is one thing, but iced is another. What would I think?

I think wow.


First off, and you may find this silly – I am a font and logo snob. I am. If I don’t appreciate your logo and font, there’s a good chance I am just not going to try your product at all. But Caribou is smart and good looking, so I felt pretty good going in. But how would it taste? Would it be to coffee-coffee for me? Could a newbie coffee drinker enjoy it?

Hands up, yes.

Of the three unique flavors – Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla, and Sea Salt Caramel, I liked the Sea Salt Caramel the best. Because hello? Sea Salt Caramel would be good on a leather shoe, as my Aunt Sylvia would say. Chocolate Mocha is also a winner – I love the extra chocolaty goodness. It’s hard to go wrong with Vanilla, too. All are smooth and rich and taste great over ice, but if you’re on the run one afternoon, heading to pick up your kiddo from Robot Camp or the pool, and a NAP is what you really wanted? A Grab and Go Caribou Coffee straight from the fridge will sub in quite nicely. I’ve also taken the time to add mine to the blender with crushed ice and whip it into a slushy of epic love. (Hint, non-driving parent: kids rarely want to sip on your coffee, meaning, you can drink this in peace, and bigger hint – a splash of Bailey’s never hurt anyone in a frozen coffee slushy. Certainly there has been a study on this.)

Just thought I would share my insights and pass on the goodness I found. Give it a shot, let me know which flavor you like?

And…on another note, if you have tried a coffee concoction you think I would enjoy on my neverending coffee-quest, do share! I am all ears.

Have a great day folks!


For More Info On Caribou Coffee

Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse in the US, committed to providing high quality, handcrafted beverages and foods to their devoted following in 19 states. With the launch of nationally-available Caribou Premium Iced Coffee, consumers across the country can now enjoy Caribou Coffee! Made with authentic Caribou Coffee, premium ingredients – like real chocolate and caramel–and low fat white milk, Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is the perfect coffeehouse treat that’s ready to drink when you’re on the go or when you need help conquering your mid-afternoon slump. Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is now available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide, as well as Caribou coffeehouses, in 14 oz. and 32 oz. bottles. Please visit and for more information about Caribou Premium Iced Coffee and other Caribou Coffee products.

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Disclaimer: As mentioned, this post was sponsored by Caribou Coffee. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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