How To Work & Travel At The Same Time

Are you someone who wants to explore every corner of the earth? Traveling is a wonderful thing to do and a great opportunity to learn more about people and different cultures. The problem is, it costs to travel.


Before you get to your next destination, you’ll need to build up your finances. Whether you need money for flights, accommodation, food, or more, it’s important to keep replenishing your money. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t travel while you earn. Here’s how:

Become a Tourist Guide

If you have enough knowledge and passion about a particular place you travel to, you could offer your skills as a tourist guide. When tourists visit somewhere new, they want to learn about it from someone who is enthusiastic and full of fun facts. As someone fluent in English, you can also offer tours to people from all over the world.


English is a global language and many people use it abroad, even when it’s their second language. If you’re able to translate because you’re fluent in a second language yourself, all the better.

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of visa rules and legal implications when working abroad. Especially if you’re looking to undertake a full-time job in a foreign location. It’s probably worth checking in with an immigration consultant to see if you need any documents or legal forms before going ahead and working as a tourist guide. The same applies to many other jobs on this list – unless you’re able to work for yourself! 


There are many instances where a translator is valuable when working abroad. From taking hotel bookings to menu orders and giving directions to working with children, they’re all skills you can make money from. For instance, many hotels offer kids clubs while families are on vacation.


You may need to prove your identity and show you have no criminal offenses before working as a translator for children. You’ll need to identify children’s needs and help to give them instructions. 

Work Remotely

There are many jobs you can do remotely while you travel the world. From writing to graphic design and photography, employers are seeking talented people every day. If you intend on moving around often, you may benefit from working as a freelancer.


As a freelancer you’ll need a strong online presence to build up your client portfolio and gather reviews. Use a career platform to find the jobs that suit your freelance skills. As long as you have the tools you need, a tablet or laptop, and an internet connection you’re good to go. It’s worth contacting potential clients in the area you’re traveling in to set up work before you get there.

Exchange Skills For Accommodation

You can save on expenses by offering your skills for accommodation. For instance, if you have a carpentry or plumbing qualification, it could come in handy for local hotels, B&Bs and hostels when they need maintenance jobs done. 


You may also be willing to take a cut in your pay if you work as a customer service representative or waiter at a hotel if they allow you to stay at the hotel and eat for free. There are tons of opportunities on a volunteer basis that could allow you to travel with few expenses.

Entertainment Crew

Many family hotels offer family entertainment throughout the day and in the evenings. If you’re a good performer, you may find part time work that helps to fund your travel plans. For instance, if you’re able to sing well, you could be hired to perform during family evenings.


Hotels often want a range of entertainment, from bingo to theater, dance and many more. It can help if you’re in a group and everyone can offer their talents.


Fitness Jobs

Fitness and exercise is something that happens all over the world. You can take your fitness skills with you wherever you go and make a living from it. You can offer your skills to local hotels or gyms that are local for instructors or you can start building your own classes.


If you prefer to do the latter, you may need to wait some time for news to spread and your class to fill. Wherever you go, you’ll always find people who are looking for an open yoga class, aqua aerobics class, or general fitness as they travel.

Social Media Influencer

Have you ever thought about becoming a travel influencer? If you’re someone who likes to find all the hidden secrets in every place you go, you could drum up a large crowd. People want an authentic experience when they travel and it’s hard to get that with tourist information alone.


Show people your findings with pictures and videos so they want to go where you’ve been. If you’re successful enough, you could get paid to travel to certain destinations and advertise them to your audience. 


If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the rest. Happy traveling!

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