5 Days In…An Update from Rusty

I’m used to sleeping late, very late. However, that does not happen in Pattaya. The sun greets us at 6am every morning, and it’s the most refreshed I’ve felt in ages. The rooster crows next door, the sun peeks through our window, and it’s time to start the day. Start our day? What does that mean here? It means an hour or so in the pool and then breakfast. Sometimes in reverse, but you get the picture.

About 15 minutes walking from here is Back-Fabrik. That’s our breakfast spot, well when we go out for breakfast. It’s a nice little German café, as German as you can get in Thailand anyway. The croissants are yumm! As is the cappuccino. We’ve been there twice, it has yet to disappoint.

After breakfast, we explore. And by explore I mean walk—a lot. The foot massages help soothe our aching feet. At $6 per hour, it’s very hard to not get one every day. This place isn’t all pools, cafes, and foot massages though..there are markets and street food to be had also!

The Jomtien night market we found a few days ago. The market is rather bleh…Not what we were hoping, but the street food is great! We had a pork kabob, chicken pad Thai and freshly made juice (right in front of you) for $4! For the adventurous eater, there is octopus and crocodile. I’m saving that for later.

I’m liking it here. There are things I miss, sure, but our lifestyle here is much healthier. We walk, eat freshly made food, swim, and get lots of sunshine. Much different (and better) than laying in bed till noon, driving around to eat processed foods, and hiding indoors. So far our first leg of international living has been a success. Much more to come, and we want you to join us!

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