Tools for the Home Baker

Whether you are a baker that is looking for something to improve your results, or someone looking for the perfect gift for a baking enthusiast in your life, you have come to the right place. In fact, below you will find the top 4 items that would grace any avid bakers kitchen. Read on to find out more.

tools for home bakers

Kitchenaid mixer

Number one of the list of must-have items for bakers is a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I know when I first started baking, it was my number one wish…I just had to have it!  Now, this isn’t just any mixer that you can get, it’s the Rolls Royce of kitchen appliances. The reason? Well, they are built with flip top heads that allow you to access whatever you are mixing easily. They also come with an iconic metal K beater which is perfect for cakes, breads, and cookies alike and pretty much guarantees a perfect result every time.  Plus…so stylish.  I love mine!  I have both the 5 quart, and the 7 quart Professional.  Both are amazing.



These mixers also come in a variety of bright and fun colors as well, making them the perfect choice for any house-proud baker. Although, unless you are feeling flush with cash, you may need to take a little time to save up for one with the lowest priced models costs upwards of $300.  Keep watch on sites like Amazon, though…sometimes you can pick one up for quite a bit less!


Silicone baking sheets

Home baking enthusiasts know that there is nothing more frustrating than when they have sunk hours of work and preparation into an item only to have in stick on the sheet or in the tin it has been cooked in.  That is why the second item on the must-having list for bakers is silicone baking sheets.


For the uninitiated, these are reusable plastic sheets that provide an excellent and even bake, but resist sticking. Something that means you can easily peel off cookies and cakes without leaving the most them behind.  I have a few SilPats, and LOVE them.  I hate baking cookies without one…


Recipe Box

Another item that is it well worth investing in as an avid home baker is a recipe box in which to keep your must trusted notes. Of course, it’s easy enough to buy an index card box from stationers for this, but if you are looking for something a bit more personalized and stylish why not source one from an online gift specialist instead? Then you can choose to have your own name, or even an inscription added. This being something that can elevate a simple, functional item to a fantastic gift, or pleasing decoration for your much used and beloved kitchen.


Piping bag set

Finally, for those that bleed icing sugar rather than blood, a piping bag set in also a fabulous investment. In fact, such a set can be used to make choux pastry, and macarons, as well as decorating cakes, and enable the baker using it to be much more accurate with their work.

In particular, opting for a greaseproof fabric bag is a better choice, as this can be washed out and reused rather than thrown away like the disposable ones. Also, you can purchase a connecting tip that will allow you to use any size of icing nozzle and achieve the results you are looking for, this unsurprisingly makes piping bags sets one of the most wanted items for keen bakers.  I have both the disposable (which I use for cake decorating) and the fabric (for macarons or choux) – I am a huge fan of both!

What is YOUR favorite, can’t-live-without-it kitchen gadget?  Let me know!

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