Where to Travel: Thirty-Somethings

In your thirties and love to travel?  How about forties? (Forty is the new thirty, after all.)  Reaching 30 (and adulthood), responsibility gets intertwined in this particular span of our life. Perhaps for the first time, we can be actually liberal financially and also mentally. In our 30s, many of us tend to get settled in the aspect of our work life, and get to be a little bit adventurous for the time being. With that thirst and raw disposable income, travel comes as a necessary ailment. A travel advisor with Comeback Odyssey in Tucson, Arizona, Andrea Malis highlighted, “Thirty-year-olds are not looking to save money necessarily, they’re looking to spend it quickly.” Malis also added, “In four days, they’ll do what a retiree would take three weeks to do.”

Below are some of the finest places that were cultivated and hand-picked by selective and dexterous travel guides and many travelers themselves. These locations certainly are offering mouth-watering visuals and traveling goals for many wannabe tourists.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is literally a perfect portrait in the midst of lakes, mountains, and saplings. Even though Sweden is mostly a cozy and lavish country, Stockholm manages to be quite cheap here and there. In the Gamla Stan, you will enjoy the view of historic architecture like old buildings, Museums and Palaces whereas, the alleys and roads are wrapped up with century past stones and marbles. In the middle of this city, is Djurgården island, which is quite popular among tourists during summer. You cannot leave Stockholm until you watch the not so glorious 17th-century ship which is preserved at the Vasa Museum. Also, Stockholm offers the first open-air museum in the name of Skansen.

Santorini, Greece

Another summer holiday destination,  Santorini requires some time ahead planning as this is wondrously famous travel spot which offers minimum leisure time in a calendar year.
This place primarily evolved through a massive volcanic eruption during B.C years. Nonetheless, Santorini is not all about cliffs.  This beautiful island also comprises scenic flat coasts via the east side of the region. Volcanic eruption made some pretty marvelous natural beauties and Kamari Beach is one of them. To continue the trip, the next stop would be Amoudi Bay. You will certainly be dazzled by the natural red cliff and sea views with a pretty rocky beach. Among others, ancient Akrotiri, beautiful Red Beach, and archeological site Thira are eminent attractions. Due to natural disruption, there grows a formidable winery system which many believe is unique in its own way.

The Great Wall of China

Extending over 21,196 kilometers across desert, mountains, grasslands, the Great Wall of China is one of the world’s top wonders. Due to its closeness to Beijing, Badaling is a more popular part of the wall is often very crowded. Though other sections of the wall Like Mutianyu,
Huanghuacheng, Jinshanling, Jiankou, Gubeikou are equally breathtaking and popular, they are a little bit different from Badaling and much less crowded in comparison. Some sections provide hiking opportunity while some offer lake views, cable cars, photography tours, and helicopter services.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an unimaginable conglomeration of beaches, modern civilization, wildlife, forests, and narrow canals. Monteverde and Santa Elena are two high altitude forests where you can certainly commence your Costa Rica trip. Arenal may require a short trip yet you might not want to miss the chance to see such a beautiful place before visiting La Fortuna and El Castillo. Here, Manuel Antonio, the national park offers you to have a glance at different species of monkeys. Montezuma, a unique beach town, where you will taste the flavor of
relaxation and an amazing night-life, is another great option. Cerro Chirripo, the highest peak of Costa Rica provides you
with an intriguing opportunity to have the panoramic view of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  We chose to stay in the rainforest and visit waterfalls, all while staying on a property that had a natural hot spring, complete with mud baths and night bathing.  We loved it!


If the mystical Northern Lights are seducing you (as they should be!), Iceland should be on your bucket list for all time. Though the Northern lights can be explained through science explicitly, sometimes we want to believe it is a magical phenomenon happening in a
cold and crystal-clear winter night. Apart from the lights, any kind of glacier tour is immensely popular in this part of the world as this country is actually covered with approximately 4500 square miles of glaciers. The Elf School is another seduction you can experience and maybe you can initiate the search for the hidden Elf folks that some Icelanders believe exist. At last, you should take a trip to Blue Lagoon to have a spa or steamy water bath in the natural geothermal water that tweaks between 98 to 102 degrees. You’ll certainly come out as
feeling brand new, ready for anything! If you are a  traveler in their 30s traveling alone, then an entire day trip to Blue Lagoon might be your singles vacation goal this year.


Portugal is a delightful mishmash of Coastal villages and contemporary cities. The cultural cocktail here often gets disguised in itself.  If you’re in Portugal, you cannot miss Belem, as it is infused with heritage and the famous custard tarts which you can profoundly enjoy in the historic Pasteis De Belem. At the north of Lisbon, you will find the most scenic mountain village, Sintra of Portugal.

Safari in Africa

The Maasai Mara of Kenya and Serengeti National Park of Tanzania manage to provide us the rarely seen view of the Great Wildebeest Migration and of various wildlife animals. It certainly is a sight hard to beat. While in central Africa, Virunga, Mgahinga and Volcanoes
National Park provide the possibility to watch the preserved mountain gorillas. In the Southern Region, you will enjoy the view of 70,000 elephants all at once in Chobe National Park. Africa is full of wildlife sanctuaries and many are yet to be unfolded at nature’s hand.

At 30, you still have the legs. You can loiter a whole day over a glacier, and you’ll not have a problem of climbing up 10,000 feet for an incredible view.  You can stargaze an entire night without even blinking, and most certainly, you can never say no to some delicious food and drinks in a charming foreign town. To be honest, at this hour of your life your health and your mind are harmonious…it’s the perfect age to travel and see the world.

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