A Taste of the Mediterranean

Ahh, the Mediterranean.  Some say it’s the best place in the world to eat out in the sun. Others say that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world. Because it’s so hot in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, very rarely will you be eating a heavy meal at midday or even the afternoon. If you’re going for an early dinner than you’ll want something that is just heavy enough so that you won’t get hungry at night but not immediately feel full and tired. The more food you eat in one sitting, the more likely you will start to yawn and feel sleepy. But the Mediterranean diet is such that you get marvelous flavors that are delicate, light and rich, yet you feel less full than you would when eating most other diets. You’ll notice a pattern, plenty of light but fatty cheeses, plenty of vegetables, seared fresh seafood and lots of humble breads.

Creamy falafel flatbread

Falafel flatbread is one of the staples of the Mediterranean diet. You also can use pita for this recipe if you wish. You’ll need a wholemeal flatbread because you want a more intense flavor from the wheat. Then you should place falafels in a very hot oven at 200 degrees Celsius, that’s around 400 Farenheit, for about 5 to 7 minutes. Falafel is made from chickpeas making them quite dense, which is why you need a short but sharp intensity of heat. Chop up some red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red chilli, coriander and some watercress lettuce. Put the falafel in the oven for about 5 at the same heat. When the flatbread is cooked, put the falafel in the center. Put all your vegetables on top and then drizzle some tahini sauce over the top generously. You can also use greek yogurt for this to make it extra creamy.

Mashing the fat

Greek feta cheese is one of the most loved cheeses in the world. Made from goat’s milk, it’s got a pungent flavor and a light crumbly texture. It’s high in healthy fats and should be eaten as a side dish to your falafel flatbread. The best thing is, feta cheese dishes are easy to make with no preparation needed. Get some feta cheese and cut it into small cubes. Then drizzle some greek olive oil over the top and begin mashing with a fork. When the cheese is in a semi-paste and with some crumbled bits, add some red onions and season to taste. Next, pour some hummus over the top and mix it up. You should have a cheesy paste that is able to be spread onto bread or just eaten with a spoon.

Wine: A classic companion

White wine has to be accompanied by this light meal. Get the Outdoor Vino Sunset Sweet by Naked Winery as it has a light-bodied texture. A fruity wine with honeysuckle, pears, dried apricots, kiwis and citrus, makes for a classic companion when it comes to Mediterranean food. Light and acidic, this will go well even with a vegetarian meal.

Mediterranean food is inherently healthy. Vegetables and cheeses are always part of meals. Flatbread with falafels has been enjoyed for centuries and will be for many more.

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