How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

There is no secret that eating healthy is beneficial to our body and mind. It prevents obesity, helps with cardiovascular diseases, makes you fit, and mentally sharp. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, about 39% of US adults in the USA are considered obese. This is a staggering number! 

Many people think that eating healthy is more expensive and less affordable. However, this is not true, and we will show you in this article how you can eat healthy on a budget. It is very possible, and we do it every day. 

So why should you eat healthily?

Why not?! I think eating healthy should be taught from an early age, so you start adopting this mentality as a kid. Eating healthy is extremely important to the human body and mind. First, by eating healthy, you are automatically a healthier and fitter person. By eating the correct vegetables, proteins, carbs, fiber, etc., you will consume healthy vitamins and fats, which are essential to our human body.

Also, you will get more energy, feel better, and sleep better. There are hundreds of foods that you can consume on a budget and a healthy diet. Some of them we will list in this article below.

Eating healthy foods will also lower the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. By eating the right food you automatically make your body happier and doing yourself a great favor in the long run. Most likely you will also save a lot of money by not visiting the doctor or the hospital, which you would otherwise do if you would be obese. Therefore, there is no better time to start eating correctly than it is now!

How do you eat healthy on a budget?

  1. Buy in bulk: The best way to start saving some dollars would be to do your shopping list at home and buy the necessary products in bulk. There are plenty of stores such as Costco where you can buy a big bag of rice, a large bottle of olive oil, a bag of apples, a few pounds of chicken breasts, etc. Try making this crockpot chicken and rice recipe, it will be a nice and cozy dinner for the whole family to enjoy.  In the long run, this will add up to a lot of savings. Needless to say, many of these stores have a lot of organic options at a much discounted price. So take advantage of that! 
  2. Buy fruits and veggies which are in season: Depending on where you live, it is always a good idea to consume veggies and fruits which are seasonal. There are plenty of veggies that are quite cheap during the fall season. However, you can find a lot of deals during other seasons of the year. In winter, for example, you can get broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, oranges, persimmons, sweet potatoes, and many others. You can try making a broccoli casserole which should last you for a few good days. So take advantage of that and enjoy them while saving a few dollars
  3. Snack more often: Healthy snaking is healthy and recommended. It will keep you full for a longer period and fight your hunger. Get some dried nuts, fruits, or cereal bars and snacks during the day. This will prevent your hunger and provide some energy and nutrients to your body. 
  4. Buy generic brands: Another way to save some money on your ingredients would be to avoid major brands. Instead of buying branded olive oil, buy a generic one. There are a lot of local varieties as well which is cheaper and more affordable. 
  5. Avoid restaurants: Instead of going out often, try to stick to your budget and prepare the food at home. This way you are guaranteed to save quite a lot. Obviously, you should not avoid restaurants altogether, but try to limit it as much as possible. Also, eating at home is healthier as you know exactly what you put into each dish. On top of that, you can make a larger batch and have plenty of leftovers for days to come. 
  6. Keep a close eye on your sugar and calorie intake: Avoid process sugars and replace soda with water. You want to limit your sugar intake, and the best way to do so would be to stop drinking soda. Simply drink water. 
  7. Buy frozen veggies and fruits: Frozen fruits and veggies are almost as good as fresh. The good thing about frozen ones, you get to store them in your fridge for a long time. There are many recipes you can make out of frozen fruits, such as pies, and smoothies. 
  8. Eat whole grain: You have probably heard that eating whole grain is healthy and the doctor recommended. It helps with weight loss and various diseases. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating whole grains lowers your risk of heart disease. Whole grains have plenty of fiber, which helps keep your digestive system healthy and moving. 

In conclusion, it is quite possible to eat healthy on a budget. Although you should keep a healthy and strict diet, it could be hard sometimes. During those times, indulge yourself with a special treat. If you have eaten burgers all your life, it would be impossible to stop that now. So, feel free to incorporate that from time to time to fight your desire. It is important to keep a healthy mindset in the long run, as this will keep you healthier, happier, and live longer.


Disclaimer: This is a Guest Post courtesy of Catalina Castravet, who says:

With a passion for cooking and baking that I inherited from my highly talented grandma and mom, I decided to start a journey and share all the delicious recipes with my beloved followers.



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