Finding a Place for Knick Knacks

Minimalism in the home has very much become all the rage as of late. Keeping things neat, clean, and calming is definitely worth some consideration. However, surely there has to be a place for the knick-knacks, right? For those who don’t want to get rid of all the little decorative touches that make their home feel cozy and personal, but they don’t want unnecessary clutter, what can you do with them?



Put them where it’s practical

Some knick-knacks, like those you might keep in the kitchen or the bathroom, have more than just a decorative purpose. They have a practical reason to exist, as well. If you have a decorative bowl for the kitchen, for instance, then you can place it out alongside some other kitchenware that is better suited to display than being hidden away. You can contrast them with more basic-looking items, as well, to better highlight their decorative qualities. It can also help you free up the storage space that those other items might normally take up.


Give them pride of place on the wall

If you want to turn some of your favorite decor items into a focal point of the room, rather than setting them to the side, then using them to create a feature wall can be an excellent way to do just that. The best ways to use shelving depend on the room that they’re in, as these 7 how-to tips to help style your bedroom shelves can show. The arrangement of the items is key here, whether you go for color-coding, contrasting items across different shelves, or otherwise.


Tell the story of the room

The best little items of decor are those that fit the room that they’re being used in. To that end, if you get two or three that really fit the aesthetic, vibe, or theme or a room, then there is another way to turn them into a focal point. You can follow these tips to create gorgeous vignettes for your home to place them in a way that makes them better reflect the overall feel of the room surrounding them. Vignettes are small collections of items that aesthetically fit together to better help set a scene, mood, or theme.


Set the scene for a desk

If you have any surfaces like desks or tables lying out, then keeping them entirely bare can make them look a little unnatural. If you have a wall or corner desk, then keeping some items on the interior sides can help them look cozy and more inviting, as well as making them look more useful and practical. For decorating your coffee desk, you’re more going to want to stick closer to the center so that there is available space around the edges for people to use.


If you want your knick-knacks to have a home in your house, then they can. The tips above can hopefully help you find some stylish and appealing ways to make use of them in your decor.


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