Genius Products to Make Life More Convenient

We are supposedly living in the most convenient age in human history. You can all up any restaurant you like from your handheld device and they will deliver a piping hot meal to your door. You can order practically any product you like online, and you can book entire around-the-world voyages with a click of a button on your smartphone. 


But, as we all know, life still has its annoyances. It doesn’t seem to matter how good technology gets, there is always room for improvement. 


In many cases, the limiting factor is our imagination. We believe that because we’ve always done something in a particular way that we must continue to do it that way in the future. 


But that’s not true. It turns out that there are a bunch of clever innovators out there who are continuously coming up with new ideas to make life more convenient for us all. Here’s what they’ve been up to: 

Miniature Handheld Vacuums


Imagine the following situation: you open a tub of sugar and it spills all over your kitchen sideboard. Most people will either scoop up the mess with their hands or go digging around for the vacuum hose attachment. 


But imagine if you had a palm-sized vacuum you could just quickly pick up and use to eliminate any spillages? It would be super helpful, right? 


Well, it turns out that such devices actually exist. And they’re pretty affordable too: most go for less than $20. 


Sectioned Skillet


We all love our non-stick skillets – and they’re great for dishes, like stir fries, where everything cooks together. However, what if you want to fry multiple ingredients at the same time but you don’t want them to come into contact with each other? Then, my friend, you have a problem. 


Fortunately, something called a sectioned skillet can help. These let you avoid using multiple pans and hobs by slicing up the skillet into different areas. Most contain at least three sections, and usually more. This way, you can fry meat, beans and veggies separately, all at the same time. 


Medication Delivery

Think about how much time it takes you to go to the doctors office, sit through an appointment and then collect your medications from the pharmacy. The answer? Ages!


But it turns out that you can bypass all of that with medication delivery services. It turns out that there are now companies who deliver your NHS prescriptions. The idea is to provide access to people who can’t move around easily. But there are also massive cost savings too – particularly fuel, and wear and tear on your vehicle. 


Red Wine Stain Remover


Bringing out the red wine at social gatherings is always a risk. Eventually, somebody is going to spill their glass all over your furniture and ruin it forever.


Or are they?


It turns out that you can now get special red wine stain remover products which manufacturers claim can deal with the tannins in red wine. The formula, they claim, is safe on multiple types of fabric and it doesn’t matter how old the stain is, apparently. Worth a shot, perhaps. 


A Wine Glass Holder For The Tub


On the theme of wine, you can now get a wine glass holder for the tub – a great gift idea. The way it works is surprisingly simple. On one side is a suction cup you attach to your bathroom tiles, and on the other is the clasp for the glass.


Daybreak Alarms


Trying to prise yourself out of bed in the morning can be a struggle for some of us, particularly when getting up early. But there may be a solution: so-called daybreak alarms. 


These devices work by mimicking the natural light emitted by the sun, tapping into your body’s innate day-night cycle. As the light begins to come on in the morning, you slowly sleep more lightly. When the alarm finally sounds, you’re already ready to wake up and go about your day. 


Tracking Tags

You can also get tracking tags that attach to all the objects you’re prone to losing – like your keys and phone – that will sound if you leave them anywhere. They work via Bluetooth and an app. If you lose your keys, you simply go into the app, tap the object that you’d like to find and then the tag will emit a sound. The system works up to 200 feet away and can get work many miles away, so long as you have access to a mobile phone network. 


So, will you use any of these products or services to make your life more convenient? 

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