Top 5 Health and Safety Concerns for American Soldiers Explained

It is a dangerous and uncertain world. Terrorists are constantly looking for new ways to attack America, military personnel is deployed overseas on missions that could last months or years, and accidents happen all the time. As such, U.S. soldiers need to be as safe as possible while serving their country so they can come home safely at the end of their term of service. Here we will list some common concerns American soldiers face today:



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

It is a psychological disorder that is often associated with soldiers as they return from war. It can be triggered by any event that results in inexperienced or witnessed violence, such as military combat.


Combat Stress Reaction (CSR) is a short-term response to events of high stress and physical danger involving elevated heart rate, hyper-alertness, and increased muscle tension with some symptoms similar to PTSD: disturbed sleep patterns; vivid flashbacks; anxiety; and irritability.

Soldiers experiencing CSR may experience the same symptoms as PTSD, but their response is temporary, not chronic like those with PTSD. These soldiers are often pushed to continue fighting even when they need medical attention.


Brain Injuries

Soldiers can suffer brain injuries in various ways. For example, when the soldier is injured by an IED explosion or a roadside bomb blast while driving to transport another soldier to safety or medical treatment. Other types of head injury are due to concussions from training exercises and getting hit with something during combat situations. However, the most common service-related kind of brain injury is a traumatic brain injury.


War-Related Accidents

Health and safety concerns for American soldiers are not limited to health risks occurring during combat. War-related accidents can cause injuries or death while training, traveling between duty stations, breaks at home stations, etc. Training accidents are usually the result of inexperience or lack of focus. In addition, many soldiers suffer injuries while traveling between duty stations, especially when they move by car and use unfamiliar roads.


Hearing Loss

American soldiers are at risk of developing hearing loss. This is because earplugs are defective in some cases, mainly when American soldiers use them over time during combat situations. Currently, the Earplug Lawsuit is being contested between American manufacturers and veterans who developed severe ear damage due to faulty products while serving their country on active duty. To read more about this lawsuit, please visit


Losing A Limb

One of the most common injuries that soldiers face is losing a limb. This loss often comes in the form of upper or lower extremities, and it is also one of the most expensive forms of injury for military personnel to deal with.


There are even instances where soldiers lose their limbs while still conscious because it happens so immediately or quickly. This type of injury is not only traumatic, but it comes with a price tag that can keep someone in the medical field for years.


The American military is constantly at war, meaning soldiers are always put in danger. Because of this, they need to be aware and prepared for anything that might happen during their service time – especially when it comes to health concerns!


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