Must See Sites of Barcelona

Are you interested in ensuring that your next trip away is an urban escape to explore an enchanting city. If so, then we can think of no better choice than Barcelona. The city provides an incredible place to wander and view fascinating examples of architecture that have stood the test of time for centuries. Here are just a few of the must-see sights we recommend you don’t miss. 

Catedral de Barcelona 


The looming Gothic temple is one of the greatest pieces of architecture that Barcelona has to offer. Stepping inside the temple will provide an immediate level of serenity, regardless of your faith. As well as being a fascinating place to explore, it also offers a tremendous view of the city. A short elevator ride to the top will provide the perfect backdrop for some truly dazzling photographs of the surrounding buildings. The history of this temple dates back more than 2000 years so it is worth arranging a guided tour if you have the time. Remember if you’re only spending a couple of days in the city, it’s worth checking out luggage lockers Barcelona services. That way you can make the most of your time without dragging luggage around architectural sites on your first day there or day of departure. 




Tibidabo is home to a theme park, perched on top of a mountain overlooking the city. It is the perfect place to visit if you are traveling to Barcelona with the kids in tow. However, adults often love the views and retro design of this place. Far from Disney or any typical modern theme park, this place is home to some old-style attractions that are impossible to resist. For instance, you can take a ride on a Ferris wheel. The top of this is another great spot for a photo or two. 


Parc del Laberint d’Horta 


One of the main reasons to visit Barcelona is to check out the different pieces of architecture that are often considered to live up to the standards of works of art. However, at this location, you can gaze on the beauty of a garden with a similar grand aesthetic that is difficult to resist. This is the oldest park that the city has to offer and it is beautifully maintained. Aside from stunning places to sit down and relax, the park is also home to a labyrinth which provides a challenge to reach the center and return to the outside world. Though we’re sure you’ll have fun trying. It is also themed to the Greek myth of Theseus. 


Santa Maria del Mar 


There are some incredible and beautiful churches dotted around Barcelona. However, the crown jewel is perhaps Santa Maria del Mar. This church has a fascinating history dating back to 1428 when it was hit by an earthquake. Several centuries later, the church was burnt to a crisp for eleven days. It’s somewhat amazing that the church remains standing, yet when you visit it for yourself, you’re sure to be thankful that it does. With towering ceilings held up with grand columns and stained glass in every direction, it’s best described as architectural heaven. 


Picasso Museum


Commonly viewed as one of the most talented painters that the world has ever witnessed, the Picasso Museum is spread across five different palaces. It is here that you will learn the story of the painter from his early years to his final days. Of course, you can also view countless pieces of his work but it’s the buildings that are the true spectacle here. The museum is astoundingly beautiful and highlights more than 4,251 pieces of work that the painter created. You’ll also be able to view some of the rare pieces that most people aren’t even aware exist. 




Finally, Barcelona is not known for its beaches. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stretches of sand worth exploring and visiting here. A fantastic example of this is Barceloneta. Far from a tropical paradise, the beach is a bustling urban clash of people and stalls scattered along the coast. It also has some wonderful examples of sculptures and yet more dazzling pieces or architecture. People do go for a dip in the waters along this piece of the coastline but it’s not the main reason why people come here. You’ll find the chaotic environment around this area of Barcelona impossible to resist. 


As you can see, there are countless places worth visiting around Barcelona that are not to be missed. This is a wonderful place for a city escape with attractions and experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Of course, the main reason to visit Barcelona is to view the stunning pieces of architecture. So, if you can, you might want to leave the children at home for this particular trip away. 



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