How to Love Your Smile

Your oral health is something you should never overlook. Many of us are guilty of not brushing twice daily or attending routine checkups. Although you do not need to be too strict or overprotective of your maintenance routine, it is important to have a routine. Having an oral health routine and taking good care of your teeth and gums can help you maintain good health and be happy with your smile. 


Furthermore, as well as attending routine appointments and having a good oral health routine, there are other ways to be happier with your smile. Here’s more. 



If you require a filling, choose a tooth-colored one

Sometimes, we will require fillings to remove and fill decayed teeth. Don’t panic if you are told this as fillings can help to improve the health of your teeth. 


There are various color options for fillings. It is common to be offered a silver filling, which is the cheapest option. The most expensive option is gold, which can not look aesthetically appealing. The middle option, which looks the most natural and invisible, is white. Hence, if you are told you to need a filling, ensure to choose the tooth-colored (enamel) option to achieve the most natural result. 


Whitening your teeth

Teeth whitening is a great option for those that are unhappy with the shade of their teeth. The shade of your teeth will change over time due to a lack of hygiene, poor lifestyle choices, and consuming the wrong ingredients. 


For example, smoking and eating lots of sweets can cause teeth to turn yellow. 


If you are wondering how to whiten teeth at home, now you can enjoy doing it yourself with a professional at-home kit. These are available for you to whiten and brighten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. It can be expensive for a dentist to whiten your teeth. Hence, you can save money and achieve similar results at home using a kit.


Straighten your teeth

Furthermore, if you are not happy with your smile, you choose to realign your teeth. Some people will experience wonky teeth, which can happen over time. The movement of teeth can happen for various reasons from tooth extraction to jaw issues. 


Hence, you can choose to invest in braces to realign your teeth and enjoy a straighter smile. 


Practice smiling in the mirror

If you dislike your smile because of not used to seeing it, the best thing to do is stop judging yourself and notice how amazing you look when you smile. When anyone smiles, their entire face lights up. You look amazing when you smile, so you should remember this and feel more confident in your smile. 


If you dislike the way you smile, it can help to practice in the mirror. You might not smile in the way you wish to, which can be altered by practicing in the mirror. 


Plus, the more you look at yourself in the mirror when smiling, the more normal it will feel when you see it in photos. 


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