6 Gift Ideas for Foodies

Are you looking to buy a gift for a friend or family member who is a foodie? You are just in luck, we know just the things they’re sure to love. Buying for a foodie can be a lot easier than other interests due to there being many things on the market – you could buy them a cheese making kit, a champagne bucket to keep their drinks cold, a knife set, a cookery book, a food making experience and more. The possibilities are endless, so have fun shopping and find something that you know they will love and use. 


To help give you some inspiration on gift ideas for a foodie, we have put a list of six different things you can buy them. Depending on your budget, why not buy two of the gifts, maybe three? Keep on reading for our six must-haves – you’re sure to find some great inspiration.

Cheese Making Kit 

If they haven’t got one, start with a cheese-making kit, they should be a staple in everyone’s home! As a foodie, we are sure they will love making their own cheeses with a dedicated cheese-making kit, it’s fun to do and it’s different to what you would normally receive as a present. The kits are affordable, a great introduction to the cheese-making world and you can make a host of different cheeses with them – they can give making goats cheese a go, alternatively they could test their skills and make an Italian cheese. Once created, they could include the cheese within a cooking recipe or enjoy it as a cheese board with guests. The options are endless and there is so much fun to be had – and learning to be done!

A Cookery Book 

Cookery books are another great gift for foodies as it gives them a chance to try and make something new. Depending on their interests, you could opt for a starter cooking book, an introduction to a certain cuisine cookery book or a dessert cookery book. Most books will include the difficulty of the recipes on the front so you can match it to their standard – a cooking book is also a great hint to get an invite and for them to cook for you! There are a variety of books on the market that are written by celebrity chefs so these could be worth a look at, particularly if you know they love a certain chef. Other lesser known books are also very good, why not have a look at some of the reviews on Google to ensure you purchase a good one?

Champagne Bucket 

If your foodie friend enjoys hosting parties and dinners for others, then a good present idea could be a wine or champagne bucket. A champagne bucket isn’t only for keeping your champers cold, you can also use it to keep beers cold or a bottle of wine. They look fancy, keep your bottle at the perfect serving temperature and can be used as a centerpiece for your table when not being used. The price for a champagne bucket varies depending on the brand, what it’s made of and how big it is – a lot of people like to purchase one as a wedding gift. It’s something they aren’t likely to already have, making it a fantastic unique gift and will be something they appreciate! 

Knife Set 

For this gift you may need to ask them if they need a new set beforehand, otherwise, it could go wasted. If they don’t have one however, it can be really appreciated and help them out in the kitchen. A good knife set is very important in the world of cooking and if they don’t have one they can make a great present and they will really appreciate the thought. Before buying knives, always read the reviews to make sure the set is good enough and try to match the knives to the type of cooking they like to do. Things to consider when buying knives are the types of handles, how sharp the blades are and the weight and balance of the knives. 

Cooking Experience 

A cooking lesson with a local chef, a cheese and wine evening at their local wine school or a food and wine pairing lesson – there are many different types of foodie experiences that you can treat them to. Depending on their interests and ability, you can buy them a gift voucher to cook with a well-known chef, alternatively if they want to learn something new, book them in for a sushi-making lesson. The possibilities are endless, the overall deciding factor will be how much you want to spend on this experience. When deciding, just like we mentioned above, make sure you read the reviews to make sure the course is worthwhile and comes well recommended. This is a foodie gift that they will love and appreciate for time to come – they might also be able to use the experience when back home to cook some new dishes! 

Hot Chocolate Set 

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Hot chocolate makes for a great present even for someone who isn’t necessarily a foodie. There are so many different flavoured hot chocolates as well as brands that sell them. You could buy a hot chocolate set that comes with a mug, or a set that comes with chocolate bars and biscuits – the possibilities are endless. Most of the time hot chocolate sets are affordable and if you get a flavour they don’t like, you can always swap it for a different one. It’s a good idea to steer clear of the high street brands and instead try to find an artisanal chocolate company. A foodie will appreciate the effort you have gone to and love trying some proper chocolate in their drink.


We hope the above six ideas have given you some inspiration for a gift to buy for a foodie. We know we would love to receive anything from the above and hope you would too. Is there anything that you think is missing? Let us know your ideas!

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