Throwing A Kids Birthday Party on a Budget


Kids parties have really changed in recent years- too many parents these days can fall prey to thinking they need to be a huge, instagrammable events. But the reality is that what makes parties fun, special and memorable to kids are all of the things that typically wouldnt make it onto an aesthetic social media post- like right colours, tacky decorations and a theme based on their favourite cartoon! It’s the mess, the chaos and the fun that make it, well- fun! Scaling things back and making the party all about your kids (rather than worrying about how it photographs for pictures to put online) can also massively save you on costs too, because parties can add up. If you’re on more of a budget, here are some ways you can save cash. 


Limit the guests

Having fewer guests will definitely reduce your costs. There will be less food you’ll need, fewer party bags, if you’re having a party at a venue that requires you to pay a fee for each child then thats less to pay there too. While it can be fun to invite your child’s whole class, a more intimate party with children there who are genuinely their friends and people they want to spend time with can be even better. It’s easy to get caught up in ‘birthday party politics’ and feeling like you have to invite certain people because of one reason or another. But base the guest list on your child’s preferences as well as your budget, you can’t please everyone. 


Choose an inexpensive venue

Your party’s venue can be one of the biggest costs. Sometimes it’s worth hiring out a venue, if your party will be bigger then you might not want (or have the space) to have everyone come to your home. Venues can make things easier too at times as they will clean up after and can provide food and drinks so there’s less for you to do. Some venues like soft plays and trampolining parks also mean you have an activity there for the children too to keep everyone busy. But know that costs can quickly add up, you might need to meet a minimum number and you might have to pay for children ahead of time and if people drop out last minute then you’re stuck paying for no reason. Hall venues and parties at home decorated with fun party supplies like balloons and banners are often the cheapest options so look around and consider this when you’re thinking about the cost. 


Save money on food

Another huge cost with kids parties is the food. It can be tempting to go overboard, but when it comes to kids it’s always best to keep it simple. If you’re doing a kids buffet, simple sandwiches, cakes, crisps, chopped fruit and squash are all you really need. Another option is to cook some large pizzas and have a pizza party, most kids will eat simple cheese and tomato and it doesnt cost much to buy a few in. Another idea is to create individual ‘lunch boxes’, put together a sandwich, crisps, fruit and yoghurt for each child attending and bag it all up. That way there’s no waste. You can easily cater to vegan/ gluten free or any other dietary requirements doing it this way too.


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