Do You Know the Muffin Man??

God, if you do, please send him to my house.

I have been up all day baking muffin after muffin for the cafe. My first batch was kind of invented…Orange Marmalade Peekaboos I call them. Obviously, a muffin full of orange marmalade, as well as vanilla, almod extract, and even a splash of lemon extract. the Peekaboo comes into play when you can see the dollop of sweet cream cheese emerging from the center. These are so good, full of citrus flavor and a beautiful texture. If anyone wants a recipe, I can try to type out what I did – in fact, someone please ask me to, as I will want to make these again in the near future.

The second batch of muffins were also invented. These are Strawberry Shortcake Muffins with crystallized strawberries on top. So sweet – these I threw together out of the flat (12 pints?) of fresh North Carolina Strawberries that I picked up yesterday. Oh so good, the hardened sugar on top adds just a bit of crunch to go with the chewiness of the muffin. Again, ask for the recipe and it’s yours. My husband loved these…so I have put away the ones that go to the Cafe and left him out the “trial sizes” I tend to make.

Third batch are Apple Cinnamon with a Streusel on top. This recipe is from Donna over at Spatulas & Corkscrews. Perfect Muffins! I simply omitted the nuts out of the streusel due to so many allergies. Other than that – spot on. These puffed up right over the top of thier PNCs without leaking over the sides. I SOOOO wish I had extra batter to make a trial size of those, but I only had enough for the cafe – but they look SO good. I bet they will go fast.

Right now I have a batch of Ina’s Lemon Bars in the oven – next up is eclairs. It is nearly 10:30 at night, but I know that if I stay up and get it all done, Seven and I can hit the pool tomorrow, and that sure sounds nicer than another day in the kitchen. Best thing about the eclairs though is that hopefully I will have enough dough to make next weeks TWD…2fer! I win!

(what? what do I win? It certainly isn’t my sanity.)

(Oh, can you believe I had time to go 30 minutes away today to go shopping a bit and visit the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market? And still make all of those muffins? Even I am impressed with myself.)
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